RGB Color Number Help

I’m using a Fibaro RGBW controller through Vera. Trying to implement the color wheel or color picker but am getting different color numbers from Vera than what color wheel is looking for. From Vera: #8000090000 but when I change the color wheel I get: #446CFF. Is there a way to translate the info from Vera into the appropriate color for color wheel?


What colour wheel ?

Are you using the RGB Controller plugin also ?

Yes…in Vera I’m using the RGB Controller plugin. I’m trying to use the HR color wheel/color picker.

HR = Home Remote ?

Yes…trying to use the Home Remote color picker.

And what’s the problem ? I am not following you.

The colour wheel in my Home Remote dashboard app seems to work and change colours of a Fibaro RGBW module paired on my Vera Plus.

Sorry I’m not being clear. In Vera…I have the Fibaro installed and the RGB Controller plugin that controls the color change. In Home Remote, I added a color picker to a tile. For trial purposes I made 2 labels…one shows the color of the Vera device as #8000090000…the other shows the color generated when I press the color picker as #446CFF.

When I try to use the color picker in Home Remote to change the color, using @Device.Color, I get: Response atatus code does not indicate success (501). It appears that Vera wants the 10-digit color but the color picker in Home Remote is sending a 6-digit color.

I hope this is more clear for you. Thank you for your help.

I’m not sure then unless you try what I am doing.

I just checked in my Home Remote designer, note I am using Group Pages. Anyway looks like I just added the actual Fibaro RGBW device instance in to my dash page and not the RGB Controller plugin device instance.

And I am using the LightDetails.xaml template file that I modified to use a ColourWheel rather than a ColourPicker.

So when I pick colours on the colour wheel its controlling directly the Fibaro RGBW device instance in Vera and not the RGB Controller plugin device instance.

Think in the old Imperihome app we had to use the RGB Controller plugin device instance instead, which is why I probably installed the RGB Controller plugin in the first place.

@cw-kid - Thanks for the help. I’ll give that a try. Could you post an example .hrp of how you did that…it’ may help me work through this.

Thanks again.

Not sure about a hrp file but I can upload the lightdetails.xaml template file I used. Have to be tomorrow now as I’m not on my PC.

That would be great!! Thanks.

So if your using “Group” Pages in Home Remote as I am you can do this.

In the Home Remote Designer under the Templates folder create a new sub folder called “Custom” and copy and paste the attached two template files into that folder.

Under the Groups folder create sub folders for your Rooms and sub dashboard pages and add the Fibaro RGBW device in to the subfolder.

Then change the template file names to match the new custom ones etc.

Also double check that your “Capabilities” are correct.

Then when in the Home Remote app when you click the 3 dots for the “Details” page

You should have a working colour wheel

On this page you can also click the Right arrow to change the the White Colour temperature page.

Templates.zip (3.4 KB)

Thanks - So, I’ve followed your instructions, but am still not getting a change in color on the lights. When I open the details page, the color on the color wheel is correct, but when I click to change the color, nothing happens. This is probably something simple, but not seeing it. Any further thoughts? Thanks again.

RgbLiving Settings (Vera Device)

And the Device in the Group

And “RGBLiving” with device ID 455 is the actual Fibaro RGBW module device ?

And not any RGB Controller plugin device instance ?

For example this is my Fibaro RGBW module called “Front Garden LEDs”


Here is what I show in Vera for RgbLiving:

But, I don’t think it’s configured currectly:

I can see its not as you have no colour picker in the Vera UI.

That is your problem then nothing to do with HR I don’t think.

In Vera change these

device_type = urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableRGBLight:2
device_file = D_DimmableRGBLight2.xml
device_json = D_DimmableRGBLight2.json
category_num = 2
subcategory_num = 4

If that doesn’t work you might have to unpair the module and pair it again.

Also is this a V1 or V2 Fibaro RGBW Module ?

I have V1 modules.

There were some reported issues with the later V2 ones and Vera, there are some threads about it if you search.

I cannot remember the full details however and I don’t have any V2 modules.

ill give all a try. Yes, I have the V2 module. I’ll look around for V2 threads. Let know if thigs work.

Thanks so much.

Well, the color picker was added to the Device just like yours, but when I select a color, I don’t have the “Cancel” or “Submit” buttons. Must be one of the issues you talked about.

Thans again.