RFXtrx plugin version beta 3 released

RFXtrx plugin version beta 3 released

To download the plugin files, use the Zip archive link at the bottom of this page.
Installation & Setup
Compatible products and limitations
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What’s new in version beta 3:

  • Full compatibility with UI7
  • Support added for RFY protocol (Somfy RTS)
  • Suuport added for Bye Bye Standby new switch power
  • Support added for Conrad RSL2 switch power
  • Support added for GAO/Everflourish EMW100 switch power
  • Support added for Imagintronix Soil sensor
  • Support added for swimming pool thermometer WT0122
  • Battery level added for Oregon Scientific BWR101/BWR102/GR101
  • Fix: usage of devices of type urn:rfxcom-com:device:LWRFRemote:1 and urn:rfxcom-com:device:X10ChaconRemote:1 in the scene editor (UI5)
  • Fix: open/close commands reversed for AC window covering
  • Fix: light level reversed for Chacon (AC) Dusk/Dawn sensors
  • Fix a typo (variable name) in function decodeSecurityMeiantech
  • Fix: IE11 compatibility
  • UI: different theme for UI5 and UI7, automatically selected
  • UI: compatibility with UI6 probably improved
  • UI: Ability added to convert a X10 device into a light sensor device (“Managed devices” tab)
  • UI: more information about the devices listed in the “Managed devices” tab, including the battery level
  • UI: filter feature added in the “Managed devices” tab (by category, type or room)
  • UI: deletion feature added in the “Managed devices” tab
  • UI: “Learn” command available for GAO/Everflourish EMW100 in the “Managed devices” tab
  • UI: “Program” command available for Ikea Koppla, Harrison curtain and RFY in the “Managed devices” tab
  • UI: “Confirm pair” command available for blinds/projector screen in the “Managed devices” tab
  • Actions SwitchPower and SetDimLevel: default value for parameters in case the action is called without the expected parameters
  • Variable KopplaProgrammed no more used

Thumbs up @lolodomo

Updated my system to Beta 3 ( Only uploaded the 16 files changed the last 2 weeks ).

No issues so far…

Thanks for all your hard work lolodomo

You are running UI5 or UI7 ?

My UI5 setup is running so smooth so I don’t want to take the risk with upgrading.

No problem.

That’s just interesting for me to have confirmation that everything is still OK in UI5 as I have myself moved to UI7.

No other feedback ? So I assume it is working well for everybody. I will prepare a v1 for the marketplace.

Great news!

Fantastic. Great work lolodomo as always. People like you make the world a better place!

I’m still running beta 1. Can I just install v1 over it?

v1 does not yet exist. But yes, you can overwrite beta 1 files with beta 3 files.

RFXTRX newbie question.

lolodomo, is it possible to install via app portal? and auto update? Or is manual the only way to install?

Thx in advance.

v1 does not yet exist. But yes, you can overwrite beta 1 files with beta 3 files.[/quote]
I’m thinking once v1 is released in the marketplace.

v1 does not yet exist. But yes, you can overwrite beta 1 files with beta 3 files.[/quote]
I’m thinking once v1 is released in the marketplace.[/quote]

When available in the marketplace, you will install it from there and that will overwrite the old files. A new device will probably be created. Just delete it to keep only trhe old one and that should be ok. I am not sure if the old device will be considered as attached to the installed plugin. If not, due to a UI5 bug, you will have a message telling you that the plugin will be uninstalled when you will delete the device. In fact, files are not removed.
I will check the real behavior before releasing it and will tell you the procedure to follow.

Perfect, thanks!

I installed beta 3 on UI5 and everything is running fine.
I am using a number of kaku devices (arc and also old ac), 3 orgeon scientific temp/hum censors and 2 huger temp sensors.

Just wanted to let you know you did a great job with this software.

What is the name in the market plave?

It hasn’t been published yet.

This sounds really good noting I can’t find any Zwave/VeraLite pool/spa temperature sensors at the moment. Can I ask a few questions:

a) One would choose the RFXtrx433E USB 433.92MHz unit to purchase to match the frequency of a WT0122 (temperature sensor) correct?

b) I can’t see where to buy a RFXtrx433E USB 433.92MHz in Australia. Any issues do you think if I order from overseas (Europe) and use in Australia?

c) Is it OK to buy a USB extension board to put more than one USB device into the VeraLite? i.e. I’d be adding RFXtrx433E as well as my CurrentCost connection (for solar generation / power usage monitoring)

d) Wondering if the WT0122 signal from the backyard will make it to where my VeraLite currently is, which is kind of in a room on the front side of the house (brick house), so effectively a couple of rooms to pass through. Any options here besides having to relocate where my Veralite is?


I have pre-beta v69 installed on UI5. How can I install beta 3 and still keep my devicec?

Hi Lolodomo

Installed beta3 on UI6, still the same issues concerning manual device creation or autocreate button which is not working. Also no way you can edit a device and drop down menu are all empty.

Except that, all devices, I have 15 of them, are working fine.