Replacing a lost/stolen Vera Plus...with what? Ezlo Plus?

I own/manage vacation rentals. At all of my units, I have a Vera Plus controller and a Schlage BE469 Z-Wave deadbolt, and I link those up with my management software using RemoteLock’s service (which automatically generates door codes that are only valid for the duration of each guest’s stay).

The Vera Plus controller at one of my properties went missing recently (I suspect the cable company contractor accidentally took it when they removed the leased cable modem/cable box/etc. to replace with new service, but they won’t admit to it). I’m trying to buy another, but I guess things have changed radically in the last 6 months – no Vera Pluses on Amazon or Vera’s website, and they’re going for $200+ on eBay. Yikes.

I see there’s the new Ezlo Plus…is that literally a drop-in replacement for the Vera Plus that runs the same (or very similar) software, or is it an entirely new ecosystem? I have an email out to RemoteLock to see if they support the Ezlo Plus controller, but they tend to not be super responsive, and time is of the essence (I need to get a new controller in there ASAP).

I skimmed through topics here on the forums, but I’m seeing tons of longwinded discussions on the status of new software for the Ezlo devices but no simple summary on whether the Ezlos are mere evolutions or true revolutions…

(Edit: US market, since apparently it matters and Ezlo devices aren’t available worldwide)

The Ezlo hubs are not compatible with the Vera Hubs. You better get some stock of Vera Plus units until there is a migration path. They say it is in the plans for later this year, but no firm dates.

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Thanks—good to know, but disappointing to hear there’s no migration path.

I did hear back from RemoteLock and they’re apparently selling another device under an agreement with Vera: MiOS G150 Z Wave Smart Lock Controller

I guess it is the more direct replacement for the Vera Plus (according to them) and is compatible with the Vera software and their integration. This is the first I’ve heard of that device, and I can only find tangential mentions of it elsewhere.

Anything I should be aware of before just purchasing that from them?

This is a white Vera Edge with some custom fw, probably.


I believe @therealdb is right, that’s just a Vera Edge controller, probably running the latest firmware version for Vera Edge controllers. If not, it’s likely to be running one of the previous versions.

If you wish to buy it from RemoteLock, I suggest you contact our support team ( email so that they can check the firmware version that the controller is running and help you update it in case it’s necessary.

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There are challenges with using the EZLO plus to replace any Vera unit. There are some devices not fully integrated, and no plugins for starters. Just because it worked on a Vera unit does not mean it will work on an EZLO unit. Wouldn’t hurt to test one, but you may run into some challenges.

Ended up buying the G150 from RemoteLock. I can confirm that it is indeed a Vera Edge (albeit in white instead of black) and looks and acts and behaves just like a Vera Edge. At least I can continue using my current set-up (with all the annoyances and quirks of Vera, LOL).

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I’ve had a Vera controller for upwards of 6 years. I just wanted to add a new Yale ZWave Lock and thought maybe I’d upgrade my controller. I come to find out that they have discontinued the Vera Controls and released the new Ezlo product…ok great, BUT it isn’t backwards compatible?! That, and it doesn’t have a browser connection (mobile only)!? It took me years to get my configuration sorted, and now all of that is for naught if I want to upgrade? Am I missing something, this seems like an insane business decision to alienate existing clients!?

Hello @ncnmra,
Ezlo controllers will have a WebUI. Our development team is working on the new Ezlo WebUI. At the moment, the project is in the beta stage but it is open for the public to test. However, keep in mind that some functionalities may be missing or not working as expected. You can find more information about it here.
We are also working to guarantee backward compatibility. This means you will be able to restore the devices from a Vera unit. In the meantime, we highly appreciate our customers’ patience.
Kind regards!

Hi Oscar,
Can this remotelock intgration get finished soon? It has been 6 months already.
I don’t want to have to go another summer manually keying in codes for locks.
My setup
I have two SCHLAGE FE599NX Z-Wave locks
I need to connect them to a hub that remotelock will support.
Remote lock works with Ownerreservations to receive 4 digit codes for guests incoming to vacation rentals.

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