Removed devices still showing in Alexa list

Over time I’ve added and removed a number of devices and now the list shown at “Manage Alexa Ezlo” at getvera is out of sync with the devices I have on my Ezlo Secure.

The list is showing 5 devices that have been removed. Some of them have the same names. For example there are 4 “Left lamp” devices in the list although I only have 1 actual left lamp.

How can I remove entries from the list or reset it?

Hello Chuck,

You can remove these devices by simply going to Alexa and ask her to “Rediscover devices” which should prompt Alexa to request newly added devices and update the device table.

If that doesn’t work, disabling the skill and going through the linking process again should do it. Since the Alexa integration is unable to remove these entries because they’re created by Alexa itself, you may need to delete them from the Alexa app manually and then go through the linking process as suggested before in order to update the list of devices.

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Discover devices did not remove the ‘deleted’ devices.

I disabled the skill and linked the account again. I was presented with a list of devices. They still include the ‘deleted’ devices.

I assume the skill is asking for a list of devices from the hub to populate the list. These devices must still be in the hub even though they are not showing in the mobile apps or the ezlogic website.

I did some reading and see that this issue is already know. Please see the thread in which this replay was made: Ezlo Plus devices not working with Alexa - #45 by meathead88

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