PowerMaster models

I’m looking for the Powermaster-10 model instead of powerMaxPro, because it seems more sophisticated (encryption AES-128).
=>this plugin can work also with powermaster model ?

Probably not. As far as I know the RS232 interface is also not available yet for the PowerMaster-10 & 30.

My first reply was a little bit short - let me elaborate…

I’ve been looking into the PowerMaster models a bit more. The reason to say that it will not work is that e.g. a PowerMaster-30 can have 64 wireless zones, 48 user codes, 32 proxy tags etc. All this information won’t fit in the current message structure. Hence, the plugin will most likely not work straight away.

However, also the PowerMaster models do seem to have the dual RS-232 interface connection (see picture). And you should be able to use the same RS-232 interface card as for the PowerMax Pro. Next to that, the IP interface is available, so most likely a simple TTL->USB interface is also possible.

In summary: we need to try it out and see what information we get. I’ve got a friend with a PowerMaster-30, so hopefully we can give this a try soon and report back.

A short update on the support of the PowerMaster models.

Good news is that we got communication going on the IP port. It looks to support the normal RS-232 communication (9600 baud).

The bad news is that the sensor status (and other panel/partition information) is captured in a new variable length message (0xB0). So the plugin might support arm/disarm etc., but it won’t be able to show sensor updates at this time.

I am also considering a PowerMaster 10 alarm. Noticed that only the arm/disarm function seems to be accessible at the moment, hope more features shows up further on.

Are there anyone working on a plugin currently for supporting the PowerMaster alarm?

As far as I know no work is ongoing to support the PowerMaster models. Someone with access to a PowerMaster would need to reverse engineer the messages it sends. As I don’t have access to one, I cannot do it.

Once the syntax of the B0 messages is clear it is probably easy to add the necessary code to the plugin. Currently it will only recognize a B0 message and spit it out in the log file. It isn’t able to make heads or tails from the content.

i got a powermaster30 installed from last week and would be interested to look into this.
How did you get communication going on the IP port nlrb, did you use the “old” powerlink2 module?

So far i got a dual-rs232 module hooked up and running, doing basic Programming With the software and my cisco rj45->rs232 cable…

We used a TTL->USB interface on the IP port, but if you have the dual RS232 interface connected then that is even better. If you connect the RS232 via USB to the Vera and turn debugging on then you should be able to see messages coming by in the log.

i have to order a New compatible usb-rs232 adapter and wait for my new vera lite.

As mentioned in other posts, i went the wrong way and started With zipabox… ::slight_smile:
Hopefully i have the vera in my hands later this week and will start debugging.

Is there anyway to log information With my computer?
With it hooked up - and a console Connected to the correct com port i am not able to see any information when arming or disarming the system :o :o.

I do have the lua code running on my PC interacting with the PowerMax. But to set that all up will also take quite some time. So you can better wait for the VeraLite to arrive :P.

However, if you are using the PowerMax programming software on the PC, you should see all messages with ‘show log’ window open. Via that program you should also be able to arm/disarm etc.

[quote=“nlrb, post:10, topic:174577”]I do have the lua code running on my PC interacting with the PowerMax. But to set that all up will also take quite some time. So you can better wait for the VeraLite to arrive :P.

However, if you are using the PowerMax programming software on the PC, you should see all messages with ‘show log’ window open. Via that program you should also be able to arm/disarm etc.[/quote]

Thanks, i am using the newer “powermaster Remote programmer” it is verry alike the powermax Remote software, just includes newer tdf files.
It has the “message window” under the View tab, i guess that is the same as show log. I`ll try this later today.

Will i be able to view live what is happening if arming directly at the CP, or can i just see what is sendt With the software? :slight_smile:

Yes, that is the program & window I meant. You will be able to all communication coming over the serial link (so commands sent or info received).

just verified that i am able to watch traffic :slight_smile:
but i am not able to arm and disarm from the software while Connected, i just get a Message that the system will be armed AFTER exit`s the software

The Control panel is also in a locked mode “downloading” while Connected to the software…

Yes, the software always takes the panel in download mode. And officially an arm/disarm is not allowed in download mode. Hence it is executed when the software exits and has left download mode.

The aknowledge Message is the same as With powermax 0D 02 FD 0A
And the Message structure is also the same, all Messages starts With 0D and ends With 0A

  • Programming mode is a bit different, but the sequence AA AA is a programmer password as With powermax
    0D 24 00 00 AA AA 00 00 00 00 00 00 41 0A login (enter programming mode) (PC->Panel)

0D 3C FD 0A 00 00 13 08 00 00 00 00 A0 0A Variable packet length support Identification (Panel->PC

I am getting a Message after each aknowledge that changes - maby clock or something.
0D B0 01 21 02 05 00 43 E2 0A (PC->Panel)
0D B0 01 2D 02 05 00 43 D6 0A (PC->Panel)
0D B0 01 1D 02 05 00 43 E6 0A (PC->Panel)

The ready Message is the same as With powermax
0D 06 F9 0A ready (Panel->PC)

0D 0F F0 0A exit programming mode (PC->Panel)

Yes, thanks for confirming. The messages are backwards compatible. The only new message is the B0 message. But also most functionality (like status) is put in the B0 message.

I am using a terminal to Connect directly to RS-232 on the powermaster.
When using hex, i am able to log in and send ack Messages - and recivers Ready Messages.
But i do not get a status change back when triggering senors. Connecting this way also Locks me out of the CP

I Guess i have to get a Usb-TTL Device and Connect to the IP module instead. Guess i will most likely see more live packages and what`s going on.

I’m afraid that status messages don’t come through for these models on the serial interface (same if you connect via the IP port). It just seems to be there for backward compatibility. Maybe another mechanism has been introduced for status updates on other IP connector pins.

I do allready have a USB-ttl device on it’s way by Mail.
Think i’ll give it a try, might behave different when emulating powerlink while allready have rs232 module installed… Did the device you tried connect to lock the CP?

If that does not work i think we might have to try to extract, or Get the firmware - or look into the software itself… It is doable,but harder than looking at status Messages and triggering devices

With powermaster Remote programmer Connected, i am now able to view status of Devices.
I did soldier the last Peaces for my TTL->USB today, and it allowed me to use diagnostic function of the powermaster Remote programmer. That led me to belive that the cisco cable i where using might not be proper since it did not give me any information last time.

I`ve changed this to a regular Cat5e network cable With Rj45, and Rj45->Rs232 adapter and it Works by using the Dual-rs232 module.

Under status/trouble i can now Select zone, and see changes in the “zone” that reflects to the Device, e.g. z:01 is a door contact to my techincal room.
When closing the door again - i do have to chose “UL Table” again for each time. but this shows me info, and alot of B0 codes in the Message window.

the only thing is that i get a bunch of information each time, and it takes longer time to sort the information.
Thinking of closing, and opening perhaps 5 times after each other to try to be able to locate the repetive code - and then change to Z:02 and do the same thing…

  • and hopefully i start getting any patterns of this.