Popp/Düwi Controller


I’m struggling to get the Duewi (or Popp) remote to work. I neither can’t program the szene buttons or assign lights to normal buttons from within vera. I can associate the controller as secondary but nothing more.

Unforntunately this is an European product and Z-Wave is over here a little bit exotic. I know that some Danes are trying to make the remote work but since I don’t understand Danish I don’t know much more.

Any help appreciated - overall Vera looks fine and I’m looking forward to getting know it better!


Homee (danish shop) sends a Duewi remote to MiCasaVerde next week.

Hopefully MiCasaVerde will fix it soon after. :slight_smile:


P.s Our danish forum has Google translations. Maybe it can make some of it possible to understand. :slight_smile:
And we have a forum for English. http://zwaves.dk/forum/viewforum.php?f=12 :slight_smile:

Hi Morten,

thanks for your reply - actually I already foun your forum but the google translation didn’t make too much sense…

Did you get anything working on the remote?

And another question: How far did you get with the innovus remotes? They look very pretty but unfortunately they don’t seem to ship anymore.


We got as far as you.

It’s connected and all on/off works. But nothing more.

The Innovus remotes worked till firmware 1.0.523. They dosn’t work right now. But there is one of them in the packet too.

Unfortunaly Innovus is proberly out of business. :frowning: They got caught in the finance crisis.

We all hope there products continue on way or another.

It’s on the to do list. After we finish integrating the LuaUpnp we’ll start working on this controller.

It’s nice that something might happen … but this is not “just” the Popp/Düwi controller. It’s all portable controllers that I have come across. And then I think it’s a bit funny that the focus is on LUA - because we all need to script our vera… remotes are just for fun :wink:

Luckily I have an iPhone - but I’m not gonna buy that for my whole family so they can control the house.

Regarding Lua vs. Duwi… The Lua module gives you Infrared control on a/v devices, plus Insteon (big in the US) and the ability to add KNX/EIB in Europe and Zigbee smart meters. So there’s a lot more people after us to finish the Lua module than the Duwi remote. I got the Duwi remote partially working, and sent an email to one of Duwi’s engineers to figure out the remaining issue and am waiting for his resposne.

BTW, there was a newer firmware which fixed the issue with the Euro motion sensors: http://download.controlmyhouse.net/betafirmware/wl500gP-1.0.604.trx

Is there any progress on the Duwi / Popp remote?

According to Duwi’s engineers, their remotes do not support the Z-Wave scene controller or scene transfer commands. So they’re not technically Z-Wave handheld remotes, because those commands are mandatory for a remote since that’s the only way to transfer scenes into them. The Duwi uses their own proprietary closed system, I was told, where you have to build the scenes within the remote. So, you can include the remote into Vera’s Z-Wave network, so the Duwi can see and talk to all the Z-Wave devices, but you can’t create scenes in Vera and transfer them to the Duwi, or use the Duwi to trigger scenes in Vera, because it doesn’t support Z-Wave scenes.

I wasn’t able to include it into Vera as a controller, adding it gave me a time out after finding the node…


this is my first post and I did get my vera yesterday. This Düwi-Remote is the first problem I ran into after a few minutes.
If your statement is the last on this, I think I have to live with it. Unfortunately this remote is the only remote that is available at the moment in Germany. (I think) and it’s very sad, that it cannot be used properly.
What troubles me, are the following points:

  1. How should I connect that remote to vera to get the most of it.
  2. The remote has a transfer mode to synchronize, I find it odd, that this isn’t supposed to work.
  3. When I switch a node with the remote, vera doesn’t show the proper state of the lamp module. I have to poll the node manually to get it updated.
  4. If a manufacurer of Z-Wave is “allowed” to do what he wants, e.g. leave mandatory functions unimplemented, how is that mix of different manufacturers ever going to work reliably? Sad…

I have to say, the first erperience with vera is not at all as straight forward, as I expected…

Happy holidays


… and how can that be true, if it’s the fault of the manufacturer of the remote?
(Just curious)
Or is this a different remote?

It sounds like you have the same issue we have with the Minimote from Aeon Labs. Those of us with Minis are currently using them only as stand-alone remotes as described in this post:


I hope MCV can get these remotes fully integrated as scene controllers!

The Innovus remotes stopped working for a while.

They work again in the never firmwares.

The remotes is the same, so … :slight_smile:

If you want a EU scene controller look at QEES Ring/Wall, they work with Vera.


[quote=“mhn, post:14, topic:164411”]The Innovus remotes stopped working for a while.

They work again in the never firmwares.

The remotes is the same, so … :-)[/quote]
So you are saying the Düwi should work too?
But how do I set it up? Maybe I’m just stupid, but I tried everything I could think of.

If I have understood it right, the Duwi will never work. It has not implemented that part of Z-Wave.

But you can still use it on your net.

I use one with my Innovus House Control.

Just add it to your Veras net, and set it up direct with the dimmers/switches.

It will never activate a scene on Vera, but there is no problem controlling light.


That’s what I have now.
But my understanding of a proper z-wave net is that when you use any controller to switch something on, other cotrollers should be aware of it. What I see here, is that vera never realizes the switching I do with the düwi remote. I have to poll the network to see the changes.
So in my understanding there seems to be something wrong, doesn’t it?


I have the same problem.

I never noticed, but you are right, that is not good. :expressionless:

AFAIK, you are wrong - that’s exactly how Z-Wave network works. That’s why Vera has the concept of polling - it has to poll to get the idea what state each device is in.

Different manufacturers implement different concepts of preserving/sharing states between a device and its controller. For example, Leviton uses half-proprietary HAIL mechanism. But the thing is that a device would send back a HAIL message with it’s new state only to one controller - either to the one associated or the one changing its state.

So, if you have an in-wall controller which is associated with a light switch and shows its on/off state, toggling the switch or controlling it from this in-wall controller will update the controller’s state immediately. While Vera will not be notified of the state change and need to poll the device. Now, when switching the light switch from Vera will send the state update notification back to Vera and the in-wall controller will not be updated.

AFAIU, Z-Wave has this limitation to avoid the network flood of notifications in large networks, every time you hit the light switch. On the other hand, INSTEON allows you to associate one device with multiple controllers and it will send the state change notification to all the associated controllers every time the state changes, regardless by which means it is changed (i.e. locally of by one of the controllers).

I can understand that with battery operated devices like sensors, so the would only report when they are “asked”. But with wall switches and switching devices I find it hard to believe that a controller would be forced to poll every device. And in what way would a controller then be different from a simple wall switch?

That makes sense. On the other hand it seems to me, that letting a device be controlled by different controllers is common. I could associate my devices with the vera and the düwi controller at the same time. The düwi controller instantly reflects the state of a switch, even when vera has changed it’s state. It seems odd to me, that it doesn’t work the other way arround. Why would I have to connect the düwi to the vera as secondary controller, if they were working independently?

So all in all, I am not convinced. that a controller normally has to poll every node be be aware of its state. I have to do some digging on this.

Happy new year, btw.