Plugin for Ubiquiti cameras

Is there such a thing? I’m installing a Unifi Protect G4 doorbell camera and I’d like to integrate it with my Vera.

Don’t know about a plugin but can you get an Mjpeg or jpg snapshot stream URL of the doorbell cam?

If so you can add it to Vera.

Don’t think Vera supports Rtsp.

Thanks for your response.

Was looking for a way to integrate/expand the doorbell function.

You won’t get that I don’t think just by adding the cams video stream in to Vera.

I dont think you can trigger a Vera scene off motion of a cam added to Vera? I’m not sure.

Instead I also wired a Z-Wave door contact sensor with my video door bell. See here

The issue with Cameras/doorbells is sometimes manufacturers use their own version of the codecs for sound. Which means we have to build those codecs in our “Edge Computers” (please note controllers/hubs we use are “Edge Computers” and not mere controllers). Sometimes Camera manufacturers don’t even expose the cameras to be easily accessed through IPs…
But we want to integrate anything and everything our users want into our platform, so we will take this and see what work it needs and if the manufacturer has made it possible for a third party to interact with (as I said above, some manufacturers don’t allow third parties to integrate), then we will make the investment to integrate this into our MiOS ecosystem for you to be able to use. (Please note this will be in the new Ezlo hardware and new MiOS operating system.
(MiOS stands for: My Integration Operating System)

Could I ask for a favor: Please go ahead and fill this as an official request by clicking as shown below: (so that you can track the progress)

I have a feature request here for Hikvision IP cams and for support for their local API and output alert stream, which can be read and used to create virtual motion sensors on Vera.

Sorin had a modified camera profile file and I had to modify it further to get it working as I wanted with my cams.

See here, I’d love to see this same functionality on my Ezlo hub.

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Not as interested in integrating the video function, but rather having a scene triggered when the doorbell is activated.

I don’t think you will be able to do that natively. Maybe look at my blog post link above about how I used a Z-wave door contact sensor with my video doorbell to act as a trigger for Vera when the doorbell button is pressed.

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