Plugin: Bridge Vera with Ezlo: VeraBridge for Ezlo

Hi Tony,

I have not included any plugin devices and do not have time to work on this plugin any more. Ezlo is working on something they told me. No idea what/when/how though.

Cheers Rene

Switchboard specifically uses the Vera-native device types, services and variables for the virtual devices, with the intention that other integrations (specifically dashboards, Alexa, and Google Home) would not be able to tell the difference and handle them accordingly. I would think, unless @reneboer has had to do something unusual for eZLO firmware, that the bridge would just see the Switchboard virtual devices as they would any other switch or dimmer and handle them the same, without any special attention or coding.

Its working i have tried it.

Thanks, had a senior moment! Put in the wrong ip address for my VeraPlus! All working well now.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

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