PLEASE HELP - Complete Failure

So I’m beside myself. I had some trouble re-including a Leviton Scene controller, so I decided it would be worthwhile to reset my network and start over. EXCEPT NOW as I’m re-including my various devices, Vera seems unable to configure them. My thermostat, which installed seamlessly the first time, seems to be un-configurable. Same goes for my 3-in-1 motion sensor. When I follow the same instructions I did in the first place I cannot seem to get my network back to a functional state. Everything was working perfectly before - this is so discouraging.

Any suggestions?

Hi, you have to exclude each and every device before you can build up the network again. To exclude push and hold the dongle’s button until it’s blinking fast, walk to your devices and exclude the devices. Most of my devices need to be pushed three times within one second to include or exclude.

Hope that helps…

Thanks, but I did do all that. I guess I’ll need to try again, and probably factory-reset Vera as well, just to be sure I’m starting clean. But I am concerned that Vera seems unable to configure the devices.

I would suggest that you also reset the dongle.

Thanks. I finally just reset absolutely everything.

Last night, when I first encountered the problem, I went through and excluded every device in my network, then I reset the dongle. After starting to re-include devices, Vera wasn’t able to configure them.

So this morning, I re-excluded everything, reset the dongle, and then did a factory reset on Vera, and began re-including my devices, and everything works like a charm again.

I certainly hope I don’t have to go through this again - it was a total pain.

I actually was having some similar issues and reinstalled the firmware. Everything was there and still worked.

@slackner: I know, what you’re talking about. I went through that four times.