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[font=arial][size=small]This is not meant to be a complete listing of compatible devices and it does not replace our [glow=red,2,300]compatibility page[/glow]. Instead it comes as an extension for devices that have may have not gone through our evaluation, but still known to “play nice” with Vera, even if sometimes they might have minor issues. [/size][/font]

Please don’t post devices that don’t even work at basic level or have critical bugs. If you wish to report a bug, please use our support form or just create a topic in the dedicated category of this forum.
“Known to work” is only is valid for latest official UI7 firmware and it does not include any Beta’s or UI5/UI6. So please don’t report if you are not running latest available firmware.

[glow=red,2,300]All reported devices will be updated on this first page.[/glow]

For the purpose of keeping this topic nice and tidy and easy to read, I will delete any posts that do not follow the lines and purpose of this topic.

Thanks for everyone who is going to contribute to this list.





Power Outlets, Dimmers & Lights

Door Locks


Blinds & Window Covering Control

[font=arial]-[size=small] Amcrest IP2M-848E PTZ dome camera[/size][/font]

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Thermostat: Ecobee

Energy: Aeon HEM G2

Dimmers and Light switch: All GE, Leviton, Cooper. Hue through the App. Monoprice/Vision Relays (single and dual)

Door Locks: Yale YRL and YRD zwave

Monoprice/Vision motion sensors
EverSpring HSM02
Sensative Strips
Linear WADWAZ-1
Ecolink Tilt sensor
Vision ZG8101 (monoprice tilt)
Vision ZS5101 (monoprice glass break)
Aeon DSB05 (4in1)
Everspring Motion
Linear WAPIRZ-1
Vision ZP3111-5 (4in1)
Ecolink ECO-PIR

Garage Door Openers: Linear GD00Z-4 aka Go Control aka Lowes Iris

Blinds and Window Covering:
Monoprice/Vision Curtain controller

Hi Rafale,

I will update the list shortly. If you have devices that worked after “temporary” fixes, applied by support please let me know as well.
Also, exact model name and numbers is a plus.

Thanks much.

The only one which required help from support is the WAPIRZ-1 which you are very familiar with… All the others didn’t need much. Maybe only some configuration.

Now if you want the Zigbee ones… I also had to do a lot of reconfiguration for HVAC vents:

Ecovent Zwave Vents
Keen Home Zigbee vents SV01-412-MP-1.0 and SV01-410-MP-1.0

Got it, thank you for the immediate contribution.

Forgot to mentioned let’s keep Zigbee devices outside of this topic, and I will create another topic for Zigbee.

But thank you for the idea.

Homeseer switches and dimmers work well for standard on / off / dim functionality, but as discussed in other posts they can’t trigger scenes with double and triple taps.

Thank you Adam

Kichler Lighting 12387BK Z-Wave Full Range In-Line Dimmer works

While I like the concept of this page, I don’t see it adding ‘true’ value unless specific pieces of information are included:

Which Vera hardware is the product working with?
Which UI build is it working with?
Are there any features that do not work with said Vera / Firmware?

For example: I have three Aeotec Window/Door Sensor 6 devices that work very well. Since I am using a VeraLite, I had to use the inclusion method that disables the Secure Mode on the devices because it isn’t supported by my Vera hardware. This information would be useful for others with a VeraLite to know. Additionally, as firmware updates are release, we could check back in to indicate whether the devices continue to operate correctly. And, others with the same devices but different Vera hardware would ALSO be able to share whether the devices work for them or not.

Stating that “Known to Work” is only valid for the current firmware means that everything on this page is immediately invalidated as soon as a new firmware is released.


True value is added based on some background checks factors as well. As I’m continuously updating this list based on direct interactions we have at customer care team as well. So I’m not relying only on forum input, for an extra layer of confirmation.

UI7 firmware has only one head build and will be exactly the same on all Vera hardware. So if there’s an incompatibility with one unit, it will be for all.
Latest available official release is the norm, and Known to work is based on this firmware.

If a new firmware release will break compatibility with a certain device in this list I will surely update it accordingly until this is fixed.

In regards to the “Secure/Unsecure mode” I don’t really want to argue about this as I’m not R&D to decide if it’s s good feature or not and in what aspect it affects and how many users.

However, I remember, from the training sessions we had with Sigma, that according to Z-wave certification guide lines, the z-wave chip, and gateway software, will detect if the device you want to pair is a security enabled or not and will pair it in accordingly.
The end user ability to choose this would be more useful for legacy users that have old hardware, I believe.
Z-Wave S2 framework will most likely remove this ability all together, leaving this decision in the hands of the Z-wave chip itself.


Thank your for the exact models.

John, are you saying if I pair a Z-Wave Plus device on my Vera 3, it will pair as an unsecured device without my doing anything? I have not been buying Z-Wave Plus devices because I understood you needed to tell the device to pair unsecured, and not all devices have that ability.

Hi Don,

Yes indeed, Z-wave Plus chip is backwards compatible with Gen 3 and older devices, and it will of course pair with your Vera 3 using only the capabilities of your Vera 3 chip. But also, you need to have the latest version of UI7, which adds gen5 compatibility on older platforms.

Thank you very much. +1

I may get z-wave plus devices in the future instead of waiting until I upgrade to a Secure.

May I add something here?

I am a noobie, am struggling trying to understand and make things work. I have a vera lite and now a vera plus. I bought an old apartment and took 3 whole years to retrofit it and it was based on automation in mind. It is 300m2 and I got every zwave switches and outlets and cameras and stuff all over the house. Some were bought without knowing that there was a compatibility list ( :o ) and am trying to make things work.

I have all my light dimmers and light switches from GE/Jasco and they work pretty ok, but on dashboard, most are not recognized as lights, so I don’t have the option to “turn all lights off” with all my lights…

What I would suggest is, as UI7 is somewhat based on cloud, why not create a most used zwave devices database based on information collected by the cloud and try to focus on the most used ones…? That would not be so difficult, I believe.

Besides, it would be nice to, whenever a client asks for help on support, that they - based on databases - incorporate those devices with issues and solve those issues for good. This way, it would cover more and more people and the database would be the initial point…

And as those devices are playing nice, I would suggest to be written right aside the best way to include it at the network… In my case, with GE/Jasco switches, each time is something different, as I don’t remember which one I used to include…

Hello ALcALoIDe,

You are making a good point but not sure how it can be achieved at this moment in time.

As a suggestion, to your issue. It’s possible that some lights may not be recognized with the correct category.

You can manually fix this yourself by going to the advanced settings of the device and look for variables Category and Subcategory and change them accordingly, with ones from this list: http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Luup_Device_Categories

Found another couple of devices which work well with the Vera:
The KAIPULE door sensor IM20-ZWAVE-USA although it requires manually configuring it as a door sensor
Also the Zooz leak sensor ZSE30

Can now add the Grabber/Bali Autoview series of window coverings which are Z-wave Plus.

Hello Rafale,

Thank you for the ongoing contribution.
I have added to the list the Zooz and Bali Somfy blinds as I have a few other confirmation sources.
KAIPULE door sensor IM20-ZWAVE-USA is still in the thread mentioned by you.

Thank you again.

[quote=“John M., post:18, topic:195975”]Hello Rafale,

Thank you for the ongoing contribution.
I have added to the list the Zooz and Bali Somfy blinds as I have a few other confirmation sources.
KAIPULE door sensor IM20-ZWAVE-USA is still in the thread mentioned by you.

Thank you again.[/quote]

Not sure what thread you are referring to on the KAIPULE…

I meant to say, that if someone gets here, it will still see it in the thread, mentioned by you.

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