Phone app works, does not

The phone app shows my Ezlo Plus controller, for which I have one device,but it shows as offline in the browser URL I’ve got the Ezlo pugged into wired internet. Why does it show as offline?

Because the new Ezlo hubs don’t work with portal.

Try instead.

We’ll I’ll beeeeeee.


Wasn’t quite sure of the best place to ask this question, but this topic seemed like a good place to start…

I’m getting closer to making the jump to Ezlo from Vera Plus. I’m down to the last device compatibility challenge - my Leviton scene controllers - and I think I’ve got an alternative that’s compatible with Ezlo that I can live with.

My next concern is around the Web UI. I know Ezlo will not work with the current Vera Web UI ( and that we need to use ezlogic instead. But because I don’t have an Ezlo hub yet, I don’t have any sense of how easy/similar the EZLogic web UI is to use vs the getvera UI. On one topic somewhere in the forum, I thought I read that you’re better off using the mobile app, rather than the web UI. Is that true? Or is the web UI every bit as usable as the app (or possibly more so)? Just trying to get a sense of what I can expect when I take the plunge. I rarely use the app with my Vera - I prefer the web UI when I’m doing any kind of configuration.

Wondering if @cw-kid might be able to share some info with me.

Hello @slakcner

Thank you for your question and your interest in upgrading your vera plus controller.

Our newly developed portal ** same credentials to log in** with a dynamic dashboard and rich automation features, there are several native features that previously required plugins on the Vera platform. These include the ability to create complex scenes with AND/OR/NOT operators, use house modes as actions in a scene, and add Lua scripts or HTTP commands as actions in a scene. So Keep in mind that You have 2 ways to access your controller Ezlo from the Vera Mobile app and from the new web interface specifically for Ezlo controllers.
If you wish to find out more about EZlogic, feel free to check out our overview EZlogic – brief interface overview -

Here you can check all the devices compatible with Ezlo and Platform: Device Compatibility for Ezlo Hubs - Ezlo Smart Home

Click HERE for instructions

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

I would say dont use the Vera mobile app for creating any Scenes with an Ezlo hub. Instead you should always use the new Ezlogic web UI for creating scenes now called Meshbot rules.

The Vera mobile app is now not in sync and not in full comparison with the new Meshbot rules. So really they have drifted apart and become two different not fully compatible systems.

As you probably may not know however you will have to continue using the Vera mobile app for pairing new devices as currently the Ezlogic web UI does not support adding new devices.

However the new Meshbot rules are much more advanced than the Vera native “scenes” ever were.

Which is why we always used 3rd party logic Engines anyway like Pleg and Reactor for Vera firmware hubs.

Also the Ezlogic web UI is still very lacking when compared to the old Vera UI7 web UI in regard to devices settings, device configuration, device variables and services and general information about the paired devices that is presented to the user in the web UI. Its far too basic for me currently for my own liking.

I was told they were working on a whole new UI in Ezlogic for device settings, but I havent seen or heard anything about it since.

This can be an issue for more advanced users who need to be able to see and control more aspects of their devices setup. However for more casual users who dont require to see more of whats “under the hood” it maybe be OK.

Personally 95% percent of my house is still running off my Vera Plus now with Multi System Reactor and I am still in no rush to migrate it all to my Ezlo Plus controller until the entire eco system and software and apps become more mature.

The lack of a decent dashboard app is also holding me back currently. They are working on a new dashboard configuration UI also, which no one on this forum has seen yet including myself. I believe this will be replacing the clunky dashboard app creation tools that are currently within the Ezlogic web UI which I never really liked as it seemed too complicated and frustrating to create anything half decent with that what they had.

Another downside though is the Vera firmware hub 3rd party plugins dont work and are not supported by Ezlo hubs.

Ezlo have a dedicated plugin team who are writing plugins, like Philips Hue etc, you can see the small list in the marketplace in Ezlogic. Some of their new plugins are actually quite good.

Another main reason for me not migrating however yet, is I am using Rene’s excellent Logitech Harmony plugin and I expect I may always need at least one Vera firmware hub up and running just for that alone.

On the positive side for the new Ezlo hubs, Z-Wave comms and speed is greatly improved and faster. They support Zigbee 3.0 devices which Vera hubs never did. Generally a greater range of Z-Wave and Zigbee devices are now suported.

Hope that helps…

Super helpful @cw-kid - thanks very much. Confirmed a lot of my suspicions/concerns. I, too, am waiting for the Ezlo platform and supporting technologies (app, web UI) to mature. But I am getting concerned about how long that seems to be taking. I’ve got a Vera Plus running in each of my two homes and they’ve been rock-solid for many years (10+). I’m just afraid one or both is going to expire at some point and I’d rather not wait for that to happen. And while I wouldn’t consider either of my networks overly complex, they are “robust” and I do, in fact,
take advantage of some more advanced settings on a few of my devices.

Sounds like I’m going to be [somewhat nervously] waiting a little longer to make the move to Ezlo.

Ezlo - if you’re listening, you’ve got another customer here eager to move to your new platform, but we need you to get it up to the level of usability/reliability we’ve had with Vera all these years. Please go faster. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a spare Vera Edge as a backup controller at a pinch.

Vera firmware hubs are now rock solid and have been for years. My Vera plus is not even running the last 7.32 beta they released but they never published as stable. Its still running the prior version 7.31.

Maybe buy a couple of second hand Vera hubs off ebay for peace of mind.

And buy a new Ezlo hub as a test tinkering hub.

I am waiting. If it aint broke dont fix it but unless I switch to Home Assistant I will likely migrate to Ezlo hubs one day.

And another big plus for Ezlo hubs is Patrick added support for them in Multi System Reactor.

So if you didnt want to use their own native logic engine Meshbots for whatever reason, you could use MSR instead.

And if some 3rd party devs decide to add support in their dashboard apps like Home Remote, you could potentially just use an Ezlo hub as a Z-Wave and Zigbee “radio” only.

Hi @slackner ,
we are always listening :slight_smile:
And we are doing our best to do 2 things:
* provide all the automation, integration and visualization solutions you need
* bring you more advanced stuff where you may not even have to use ezlogic , and use more intuitive interactions like voice command, or hand gestures etc.
Our vision is to make your home smart and be in your service, rather than having to deal with complex logic algorithms for your needs.

So our roadmap consists of both worlds.
Near future roadmap includes having MiOS app match with Vera app and become a single point for all your needs. Next step will be having all possible capabilities of ezlogic to MiOS app. (I say possible cause we have very advanced features in ezlogic which can be hard to express in a mobile UI) . So every UI point should do its best, Mobile is better at pairing devices , it gives you mobility. You are more inclined to do that. And web app gives you advanced capabilities, considering the creation of automation rules should not be too frequent, expected behaviour is to create your automations once and then rely on them for years. (Which Stuart is doing)

Also its a continuous process on our side to provide you more and more integrations.
We are doing this in 4 ways now
* Providing a better plugin infrastructure. We made creating and using plugins easier than ever. And creating documentation and sample plugins on this. Also our own team is frequently delivering plugins which we prioritize old platform requested/most used ones.
So next ones coming soon are :
- Tuya
- Lifx
- Logitech Harmony
- mDNS and SSDP discovery
- Broadlink
- Sonos
* Providing even easier way of communicating with local HTTP APIs via our IP device plugin templates. Where you can just copy paste commands from the manufacturer docs and with a few clicks you can create a device in MiOS.
* Gathering z-wave, zigbee, wifi device integration requests via our Community Bug & Feature Tracker and actually buying these devices one by one and testing each of them to make sure they are functioning properly in MiOS. And we provide the list of compatible devices in our website, updating it regularly.
* Introducing Zapier, IFTTT, like easy to use cloud service integrations over our portfolio company NuCAL.
This allows you to mix and match a physical z-wave or zigbee device command with a Cloud service like Google Sheets or Gitlab or Wrike etc. Which obviously no one in the market is capable of doing right now.

And for the visualization part, we are trying to bring you a web-based, easy to use, configurable, shareable, no-code designer tool. This is why we are constantly pushing it hard to test and if not matching our expectations we upgrade it. Shortly we are coming with a more advanced technology UI design tool and it is currently in progress.

So we would like to take your wishes/recommendations on improving our platform and would like to see you as our partner while we are building the best platform in the market.
How can we get you quickly onboard with your current setup. Please tell us .