Panasonic Camera MIA

I doubt this has anything to do with Vera directly, but wanted to run this by the forum members.

My Panasonic camera (in my vacation home) has suddenly gone MIA. Not only can I not access it through, but I can’t even view it using the Port Forwarding utility that I setup when I got the camera. I can only guess that it somehow got disconnected from my network (wireless) or something. Thinking that may have been the case, I remotely rebooted Vera in the hope that the camera may attempt to reconnect to the network, but still no camera.

I suppose there’s probably nothing I can do about this until I get back to my house at the end of this month, but was curious if anyone else had experienced this. The camera model I have is the BL-C101 and it’s been working flawlessly since installation about 60 days ago.

Have you registered the camera to
This can be a useful secondary way to connect to the camera.

Have you set up remote access to the router?
This is also a useful way to check connections on the local network remotely.

It is possibly that power was lost and the camera address / port has changed. Vera would loose connection if this happened.

You may want to set the camera for a dedicated address / port so that it never changes.

Yes, thanks. I did register with Viewnetcam, and cannot even see it via that link anymore, so it must have “fallen off” my network somehow. It does have a dedicated port, so that shouldn’t have changed.

As for setting up remote access to the router, sounds intriguing, although I’m not sure how to do it. Is this a complicated access setup thing, or something I can simply flip a switch to enable?

Fairly easy to do, but you have to set it up locally first. It will typically use your admin password so make sure it is a secure one.

Check your router manual for the option of remote management. If given the choice don’t use the default port address.

While I cannot help you with your issue, I was wondering if you could help me with mine. How can you remotely reboot the Vera2?

Welcome @SteveGoldman,

You may want to start a new topic for this in the main area but if you can’t connect to it anymore from (UI4) or (UI2, UI3) then there is no real way to do this unless you can get to the dashboard.

Are you far away from your Vera? If you are using it remotely and cant get to it easily then I suggest fitting a timer that reboots it nightly to avoid this type of thing.