Notify on Garage door open

Desired set-up: garage door tilt sensor indicates door ‘open’. If open more than 30 minutes OR after some hour at night (e.g. 10pm), send a notification to my and wife’s iphones. This can implemented in two scenes.

The last recommendation in this thread makes sense to me. However, I have these questions:

The first call_action: what is HWPuush1?
What is the ‘device’ parameter in both of these call_actions? are those users?
Is VeraAlerts still active and functional?


You can do this with Reactor, and VeraAlerts is not required.

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There is also plenty of topics on this forum about reactor and door open notifications.

@rigpapa: thanks for the video link. I see in other threads that Reactor does not handle notifications, rather, I assume, the notifications tab in your video would be set to notify one of the users, similar to a scene, correct?

Old threads. Reactor has a “Notify” action that can send notices to known Vera users on your account, SMTP mail messages, Prowl Push, Syslog, and HTTP post.

Excellent. Thanks!

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