Notification and TTS on first alert, then repeat TTS only every x interval

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I have doors and garage door that currently give me a notification and TTS if left open. I would like ONLY the TTS notification to repeat every X interval (this interval may be different than original interval).

For example:

If Door (or Garage door) left open 30 mins, then send notification and TTS on Sonos.
If Still open after 5 mins, then send TTS on Sonos and repeat until door closed.

Thoughts on how to do this?

I’m running Reactor version 3.4. If 3.5 is stable and makes a difference for this I will upgrade.

Use the reactor plugin. It is excellent for logic like that .

i’ll post the way i did hold on

Activities for each door is a call to alexa tts

if a door is open for 300 seconds the alexa will speak, then repeat 10 times, once every 60 seconds, or until door is closed.

i’m using 3.5

Thanks, how do you send a notification only for the 1st occurence and TTS for all?

Do not set pulse and repeat .
TTS for all is try groupzone All.
THe All will not be synchronised

like below notification on first trigger just for rear door

Add notify to activites on new condition

Sorry I think I phrased my question unclearly:

How do you send a notification and TTS only for the 1st event, and TTS only for all subsequent repeats?

Yes i thought that later too, so edited above post.

The image shows it.