Node-red and vera

Have been playing with node-red, but got stuck. I installed node red , inclusive “node-red-contrib-mios” (vera) as well as “node-red-contrib-shelly (shelly)”, on my pc. Using the flow (see picture), I’m able to switch on a light (with a shelly 1)…but now i don’t know how to go on.
Can someone help me on how to setup a virtual device in Vera that allows me to use the node-red?
Don’t really know how to do this.

Thanks in advance,

Haven’t used it myself, but there is a Vera plugin for creating virtual devices that can send out http control commands.

Thanks cw-kid. I know about the “virtual http device”, but don’t know how to implement it with regard to node-red.

You would maybe need to add in Node-Red a HTTP IN node to start that particular automation flow via the http command that is sent from the plugin virtual device in Vera etc.



However you said you are also using the MIOS node in Node-Red so maybe virtual devices in Vera are exposed in to Node-Red via the MIOS node.

In that case you would need to have your automation flow be executed based on the current ON / OFF status of that particular virtual switch.

I haven’t used this for some time, so I forget, but using the MIOS - IN node, you would do something like this:


In the item field you have to specify the room name and the devices name



For example for a virtual switch called “Switch1” in the “Lounge” room you would use:


And then you would use two Switch Nodes, one for the ON state and one for the OFF state.



And from those Switch Nodes you would link the rest of your automation flow functions.

Hi cw-kid,
Thank you very very much…it’s working now :blush: . Node-red looks very promising.


I prefer to use Multi System Reactor for my automation rules, but I don’t have any Shelly WiFi devices.

I’ve only used Node-Red a bit, mainly for use with Vera and Google Home TTS announcements.

Glad to hear you got it working now.