Node just stopped responding

For some unknown reason, one of my Leviton 4-button scene controllers with switch has just stopped working (the embedded Switch) through This is in my vacation home, so I’m not physically there to see what might be going on, but what I do know is that there is still power to the circuit, because other switches in that room are operational, and is showing a green cog next to the scene controller device, although it cannot poll/configure the embedded switch and shows a red cog next to the switch. When I try to operate the switch remotely, it just shows the blue toggle switch for about a minute then it turns red.

I suppose the switch unit itself could have just failed and/or dropped out of the network, but wouldn’t that have also affected the Scene Controller too?

Any ideas? I suppose when I get back down there in a couple of weeks I’ll probably have to exclude & re-include the embedded switch in the controller. But I was curious if this behavior sounds like a common issue of which I may not be aware. I can’t figure out why the switch would just “drop out” of the network like that.

None of my Leviton’s have had this problem. But it’s stuff like this that keeps me from installing Vera at the beach house…

I was having huge problems keeping Vera up when I first installed last fall in a vacation rental, even though my setup is incredibly simple. Devices would drop out, events would fail to fire, and notices would be delayed for hours / days. Over Christmas tech support finally convinced me to upgrade to 1.0.979, and I’ll be the first to admit that the system has been rock solid for the last 3 months now. Granted, I’ve been making as few changes as possible, but I’ve been reasonably happy.

That said, I still haven’t installed the control circuit for the water heater, as it just seems to be asking for trouble given the limited benefits.

A while back someone had an elegantly simple solution to their stability problems - they hooked the whole mess to a simple mechanical timer that would effectively turn Vera off and back on every 24 hours.

Yeah, I’m on .979, and knock on wood, I’ve had none of the stability problems reported on throughout this forum. However, this latest issue with my scene controller relay switch just failing is really frustrating. I don’t necessarily attribute this to Vera - I suspect something may be going on with the switch itself, but cannot be sure until I get back down to the house in a couple weeks.

Since first installing it, I’ve had nothing but flakey behaviour from my HSM100 sensor, so I’ve pretty much written that device off. But everything else - switches, dimmers, scene controllers, lamp & appliance modules, thermostat, Schlage lock - have worked flawlessly. I did have one Leviton z-wave dimmer that was defective, but I was able to determine that the moment I installed it, and promptly replaced it. This switch worked perfectly when I installed it, and only stopped working in the last couple of weeks.

This next trip, I’m installing a Panasonic camera and some door/window sensors. That should pretty much complete my network. If everything remains as stable as it is now, with those new items added, I’ll be a happy camper and consider every penny of my investment in this stuff worth it.