New relay servers in Halsey


We have launched new relay servers in New Jersey and currently assigned about 5% of G series controllers in the US to these relays.

Should you encounter any issue - remote access through web or mobile app, voise assistants commands failing or anything else - please make sure to reach out to our customer care team, so they forward the requests to the persons in charge.

Phone: +1 (866) 966-2272

Hours of operation:

EST (during non-daylight savings time)

  • Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 8 PM
  • Saturdays and Sundays from 8 AM to 8 PM
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@alecs, I’m not familiar with the term “G series controllers” so wondering if these relay servers are serving Vera or Ezlo controllers?


Hello @blacey,

G-Series controllers are actually Vera controllers, while E-Series controllers are Ezlo controllers.

@JonathanB - thank you for the clarification. It would be great if you can assign my 3 Vera Plus controllers to the New Jersey servers because all of my controllers are all on the east coast in the US. I’m sure the more proximal servers will offer much better performance than the current servers in Romania and I will be happy to report any issues if not.



You are most welcome. Your Vera Plus controllers are connected to our server in Ohio US.

@alecs Is it possible to move blacey’s controllers to the new server, please?

I have set them to move. They will move during the next 24hrs or as soon as they reboot.

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Thanks @alecs. I will watch for issues and report if I see any but so far, so good.

Any plans to spin up log servers in the US too?

The log servers are already in the US, same datacenter.

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Do you guys maintain a url for a text file that contains CIDRs or IP addresses that host the MIOS services (similar to this from Google The impetus is that I would like to configure my firewall to limit my Vera controller to the Vera MIOS host IPs and my Ezlo controllers to the Ezlo MIOS host IPs.

If not, can you provide me with the IPs/CIDRs for the servers to which my Vera and Ezlo controllers connect? I realize that they could change so there is risk that my controllers will go offline as a result but hopefully you can point me to a url that contains the dynamic IP address list you deploy and manage.


Hey Guys,

Seems things to be working fine with the new servers however I am experiencing delayed email notifications. For example, I received several emails at between 11 PM and 2 AM for events that happened in the morning and afternoon prior. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the new servers that my Vera Controller is paired with but I thought I would let you.


It is unrelated and we are aware of the issue. Right now there are still some messages in the queue and the delay is less than 7200 seconds.

Could have cleaned the queue but I preferred to let it get to 0 so everybody receives the notifications.

Ezlo controllers reach a multitude of ip addresses, some within GKE (Google), others in different data centers.

Vera controllers also reach multiple ip addresses.

We are still optimizing things but I’m going to create a list of ip addresses as we finish our changes.

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Same here. The notification from the “Fritz!Box Call Log” plugin only arrives hours later. It also takes a very long time until I get a connection to the controller despite a local connection:

The local connection issue should not be related to the relay since it tries local first. I am going to recheck the notification queue issue as I saw delays increased again.