New Firmware

So, as I am adding a few more devices i notice things locking up. I reset my Ezlo Plus and it start doing the light dance. I check firmware and it has been updated to and all of a sudden several new devices show up and several switches now show as “device Broken” Please remove and try to pair device again. I’m hoping this is due to new devices being recognized that were generic before. Stay tuned I will update ASAP

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Here is the short of it I tested only a few devices at the moment and it’s a BIG FAIL!

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I have existing Aeon DSD37 repeaters and tried adding my last one it gets to 5% than fails adding, I go to unpair and it unpairs it so my immediate conclusion is that it sees it but just can’t finish the job.

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I have several Minoston Z-Wave plug in devices. 2 have been added previously using “generic Z-Wave Device” install and worked fine. I try adding 2 new ones I just purchased and same scenario as above except with a twist this time after it goes through adding it (all the way to asking about incription) than it disappears it does not show in list. I try to unpair and redo install but NG now it doesn’t even recognise the device (same with both new devices)

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When my Ezlo booted back up from firmware update, now I have many “ghost” devices that showed up and I can’t delete them through interface

I will be checking others and report back.


Ok after really “playing” around I was able to delete most of the “ghost” devices but it was a slow and painful process. I would go to delete and they would not. I reset hub than deleted one, went to delete another and no good. Repeated process by rebooting hub and that seems to work.

I still have the problem with the Minoston devices not pairing or even being recognized as attempting to pair again. I will be trying a few more things.

Good news is that some of my previous devices that did not work are now recognized and functioning although they came in by themselves and I deleted by mistake and had to put them back.

I find the system very slow in loading on Android app sometimes waiting close to a minute before it loads

Update 2:

After banging my head against the wall, I went back to my troubleshooting 101 instincts. Noticing how SLOW the Controller / interface is I decided to take things extremely slow. I factory reset the devices that were not pairing and I finally deleted the “ghost” devices I killed them with patience.

I noticed that when pairing some devices the controller goes into pairing mode (viewing lights) than goes out of pairing mode into red state. At that point i waited and even reset controller gave it about a minute or two and restarted process by unpairing/factory resetting and clicking my red ruby slippers three times saying I wish this would work, I wish this would work, I wish this would work…and whalla it finally recognized or deleted the devise (if you don’t have red ruby slippers you can just use the phrase)

All kidding aside the key seems to be taking it EXTREMELY SLOW and not trying to do several things one after another.

I’m still fighting with getting the other 2 devices included, but I have my incantation and red ruby slippers ready so wish me luck. I will update again as I go through this process and hope it helps to save someone else some frustration and time till they get this “not ready for prime time” product sorted out.

I’m sure it will become everything we hoped after all this

Hi @peterg88,
Can you write please p/n of the devices you have issues with?
It would be great to make a session to get access to logs from your hub to check the issues you described.
Check your PM, please.

Sure Minoston MP21Z Smart Outlet

Update 3

Ok I was able to pair one of the new Minoston outlets.

I did factory reset
chose Generic Z-Wave device
plugged outlet into wall and started pairing
asked for encrypted / unencrypted
I chose unencrypted
than chose to be finished adding devices.

The device works fine.

I tried adding another one and used same steps but this time after I chose unencrypted the app skyped directly to the device menu and the unit was not added. Seems like a hit or miss with this, very fickle.

I rebooted controller and tried several times with same result

Update 4

Added last device (for now)

I followed the exact same procedure that I did previously but this time followed my own advice and being patient and watching the lights on controller. After it paired I took a moment before I chose unencrypted I watched controller lights change than i pressed continue and it brought me to screen to name device and assign to room. Once I did that it added to my devices.

So the take away here is PATIENCE