New EZLO Linux Firmware pre-Alpha starting soon

ALPHA- Warning

Please note that since the public Alpha software has not yet been commercially released, it may contain bugs, errors, or technical inaccuracies. It may not function as well as general availability software releases. We advise you to create a backup before installing the Alpha software.

The Alpha Program contains Alpha software that is not recommended for testing on a production machine. They’re intended for testers only. Please try at your own risk.

We are preparing the Alpha Release for the new Linux Firmware on 24th of February for the Vera Edge controllers.
If you want to participate in this Program and receive regular updates please fill in this short form (only users that already own a Vera Edge controller are eligible for the program): Subject: Beta Cloud - Ezlo VOI and Local access

With this Alpha release you will be able to:

  • Use Ezlo VOI™*
  • Use Local mode
  • Use Ezlo Cast™ - when a scene is run will action all devices simultaneously. For example if you have setup a scene to turn ON all lights when the scene run it will light all the bulbs in the same time, not one by one.
  • Create scenes that are triggered by other devices
  • Use scene controllers as triggers in scenes. This way, independent of an Internet connection, you will be able to run your scenes whenever you want.
  • Have access to PIN Codes functionality for doorlocks (add/delete pin codes)
  • Support for adding S2 security devices
  • Work with new supported devices, compared to the previous Alpha release.

*Ezlo VOI™ (Voice Orchestration Infrastructure) is a patent pending platform that enables you to control any device connected to voice assistants like Alexa or Google to do stuff for you. What that means is now with Vera app you can “CONTROL EVERYTHING”. But that’s not all, the magic is that you can now create scenes having all the triggers from the VeraMobile app, including the devices paired with your controller and perform actions on devices that are controlled by Alexa or Google - amazing, right?

You can even control SmartThings devices connected to Alexa or Google!
You can get Alexa to control Google…
You can get Google to control Alexa…
You can get Siri to control Alexa…
You can get Siri to control Google
You can get Hey Google to control Alexa…

Control everything!!!

Just to give you an example you can set up a scene where if motion is detected or is sunset tell Alexa to turn ON the entrance light (Philips Hue connected to Alexa).

Important notes about the Firmware upgrade/downgrade process:

  • Any backup created before the Firmware upgrade can’t be restored after upgrading to the new Linux Firmware which means that the setup/devices will be lost after moving for the first time to the new Firmware and will need to be repaired.
  • The first upgrade to the New Linux firmware can be done using the current Web UI interface. However, once upgraded to the new Firmware, you will be able to connect to the controller only using the Android/iOS mobile app. The Web UI interface will not be usable.
  • The Firmware downgrade feature is not yet available in this release for the end user. Until this component is ready, you will need to create a new user, add it to your controller and share it with us so we can use it to downgrade OR revert to the old firmware if needed.
  • Instruction on how to add a temporary user to your controller can be found here: How to add a new user to your Controller. This will be a temporary user that you will be able to remove after we have completed the downgrade operation.

This is an amazing innovation you guys are bringing to our users!
Now they can Control Everything!..just the beginning…

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Interesting list as I am watching the post getting edited live.
I was just about to sell my vera edge. Maybe I will keep it to test this.

Honestly there is only the VOI which I am not doing now but also have no particular need for though I can see why some people would want this.
Grief remains on the lack of a local interface and for us to be forced to use a mobile app and for the rest of the functions described, we have been doing them for at least a couple of years (and much much more) through plugins and various open source solutions but having an easy to configure (mobile ain’t it) and consolidated platform to do it is an undeniable advantage. This is a step in the right direction to catch up… Love the local mode!


VOI sounds very interesting !

So for example devices that Vera doesn’t natively support, but are supported by GH / Alexa, then Vera with VOI could control that device ?

I have a WIFI essential oil diffuser that uses the eWeLink cloud platform. I have it linked in to Google Home using their eWeLink service. But currently I have no way of controlling it with Vera.

So I could then control that device on / off etc with Vera with VOI?

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I have a spare Vera Edge but I am in the UK so I cannot try the Linux beta ?


Exactly! This is what Ezlo VOI™ does.

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OK that is very COOL ! And will be very powerful.

I don’t have many devices currently in Google Home / Alexa that Vera now cannot directly control as I have mainly stuck with Z-Wave devices.

However with this VOI feature, it would potentially allow me to buy other smart home devices that Vera might not support natively, but with VOI if I can integrate such devices in to my Vera scenes then it would certainly open up a whole new world of devices I might consider purchasing.

You are all correct but note that it is a cloud dependent integration which is why I won’t be using it. It is too fragile (and insecure) for home control and automation, relying on too many servers and connections which multiplies failure probability. I speak from experience… It is an interesting feature nevertheless.


And this isn’t so cool. I guess and hope you guys are planning on having a proper http web GUI at some point for the new firmware.

I hate using mobile apps for setup and configuration, especially on a complex system like Vera. I would never want to setup a Vera system from scratch only being able to do it in a mobile app.



You can use it - I updated the information in the post as well. You can enrol in the Beta :slight_smile:

Yes that is quite true.

However for that must have device that Vera doesn’t support natively but GH / Alexa does it would be handy for sure, even though it would be cloud based control.

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Yes, we have plans to build the webUI for the Ezlo platform as well, is just not ready yet.


I only ever use the Vera UI7 web GUI in Chrome browser for setup and configuration.

And the Imperihome mobile app for a dashboard interface etc on our phones and tablets.

Never used the Vera mobile app as I never liked it.

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Um, will the web come back for linux as well as rtos? Because how the heck do you access pleg or some of the other plugins through mobile app?

This has been the greatest hurdle to overcome, they are designing the FW backwards.
I (and many others) are in the same boat,xxxxxxxxx if I’m going to fiddle around with tiny buttons on tiny screens with aged eyesight.
Otherwise, I’d be testing.

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This sounds very cool, but does it mean in case we need support, the customer care team will have no way of remotely accessing the units running this firmware? And is it possible to roll back to a previous version?

Does it include an http API ? Like for extensions by third parties ?

How are devices described in the system ? With the same set of device types , actions and services described in the xml and json files ?


If you will create a guest user and share it with us we will be able to use this information and roll back your unit to the previous firmware version.
In regards to remotely accessing the unit after upgrading to the new Linux Firmware, this is not
available yet for the customer care team.


In this stage we are not ready yet to share the information about the API or the mechanism for the users to create plugins, as it was possible on the old platform.
Also for the moment there is no backwards compatibility with the current plugins. Once upgraded to the new Linux FW all plugins that were installed on the controller will be lost and any new ones from the Vera app store can’t be added/installed.
The devices will be described in a similar way. Let us know please if we can he helpful with any further details.