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Hmmmm I have tryied all Vera apps out there but i Always end up using Vera native app after a while anyway…
But ImperiHome is the best dashboard App👍


Imperihome might be the best dashboard app (I use it also), but dead and will probably not be further developed

Edit: It´s not dead, I was wrong.

How do you know its dead?

Mine was updated yesterday, works well and doesnt seem dead to me. :slight_smile:


It was updated on my phone yesterday as well.


I like it and ImperiHome does get updated frequently enough. However, not much seems to be happening on the Vera interface, nor on their API. Because of the API I can also use it with openLuup even remote so it is my all in one dashboard. See is you are interested.

Cheers Rene


Sorin created this “Imperihome Talks” thread split out from another thread.

So now we have it, come on gents, you might as well show us your dashboard layouts any screen shots or videos ?



One thing I always wanted to be able to do in Imperihome but never really could that well, is to be able to create custom dashboard pages for “Remote Controls”.

Using your Harmony Hub plugin for Vera, to be able to add buttons in any position on to a dashboard page, for a remote control layout etc.

I tinkered with ALTUI and their “Panels / Custom Pages” Web pages.

I was able to create some Web pages and add buttons that linked to individual IR commands via your Harmony plugin.

I then embedded those Web pages in to a Imperihome dashboard page.

It worked but was rather hacky and didn’t look that good.

I have been somewhat confused reading the threads on the forum recently about the “new” Android and iOS beta versions of the Vera mobile app.

Which to me IMHO as just a “user” looked liked a new and rather limited single customisable dashboard page, tacked on top of the original Vera mobile app.

Which didn’t entertain me in the slightest to be honest.

However the boss man at the top of Ezlo @melih
has since informed us, that Ezlo are developing a brand new mobile app for creating customisable dashboards.

If this new native Vera / Ezlo app is at least on a par with Imperihome out of the box, for its current functionality , then I would be very happy indeed and be very impressed.

Until that time I will be sticking with Imperihome.

Here are my current dashboard pages.


So I have a tablet in the kitchen with imperihome. Yesterday my wife noticed that the outdoor temp from Netatmo did not show an up-to-date value. So I tried to re-authenticate netatmo in imperihome but it was not possible. Tried also to recreate it but again I could not authenticate. So I thought that I would fetch a backup from my imperihome account. Also this failed but it suggested me to logout and login to imperihome again. It was not possible to login to the imperihome account and now I can not even start ImperiHome anymore becaus I can not login. I cannot even access the page

I logged a ticket with ImperiHome…
Anyone else experiencing issues with ImperiHome account?

At me too netatmo and imperihome ceased to be friends. There are no problems with Vera.
I spat and wait when they fix it.

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We are in the middle of building a “FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE” dashboard that we hope to launch in June.
We want it to be the most customizable dashboard out there. Of course it will take us few iterations of sprints (releases) to get there, but wanted to let you know that you will have the very first customizable dashboard hopefully in June.


Thanks for the information @melih. If I would make a request to an customizeble dashboard I would wish that in addition to being able to have device controll and sensor information visitability I would love if it was possible to have a picture directly from an IP-camera in the same view. It does not have to be a live stream it could update every 3-5sec. But if I touch this picture I could go to fullscreen Livestream.


let me create a new Post where we can all put our requirements so that developer can take their leads from that.
I will post the link here…(but yes both streaming directly or pictures from cameras is also my requirement :))


This is worrying to say the least. If you go to the Imperihome website there is a Login button that links to that URL and it doesn’t load as you have noticed.

I haven’t logged out of any of my Imperihome tablets, but sounds like we could possibly not be able to log back in again.

Don’t suppose you heard back from Imperihome support? They seem to have gone a bit quiet lately.

The register button on their site doesn’t work either.

I agree the imperihome guys used to be very active and the beta program I was part of was very fast moving especially in the early days of the dashboard. Of course the product has matured a lot since those days hence less updates but from what I’ve seen they are less active in engaging with user base (there was a time when you always got a reply especially when flagging little issues etc). It does lead to a concern about the product over longer time scales but if there is a new dashboard option coming then if it meets people’s needs it might replace imperihome. We’ve been using imperihome since it first came out settling on it after trying a number of other apps (a number of which were written by people who used to frequent these forums), but if something better comes along we’re always open to move.

Do you use the android or ios version? I noticed the ios version does not work anymore, I deleted it and installed again and now I can not add any controllers anymore. Android version still works here

Update: Netatmo weather station still working and updating in my android version of Imperihome

I am using Android version an my main problem is that I can nolonger login to my ImperiHome account. So if it is still working for you then whatever you do, do not logout.

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