New Build (02) of EzloPi is out!

Hi everyone,

There is already an update on our newest project EzloPi. We have a new build to download [build02]( - Google Drive)

We added possibility to monitor the state of the GPIOs when they configured to input so now its possible to connect buttons to GPIOs !
We will provide examples on how to use this functionality as well.
Also we will shortly launch our website too.

Please stay tuned for this exciting project !


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We are introducing our brand new EzloPi website!

Official announcement:

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Hey everyone!

I actually got interested in this project and took an ESP32 DEVKITV1 that I had around and started playing with it a little bit. I successfully flashed the firmware on the board. However, it seems like I can’t go further from the login page to provision the unit. The form is not submitted/no feedback is given for a successful login.


If I try to close the login form and try to register the board after attempting to log in, I’m requested to log in to register it.


I’m just wondering if you guys could give me any suggestions on this, I’m pretty excited to work with a couple of relays I have around.


Thanks for letting us know the problem you’ve faced.
You have mentioned that

The form is not submitted/no feedback is given for a successful login.

The EzloPi UI provides feedback in both of the cases i.e. success or failure.
When you are asked to login first to register that means you are not successfully logged in.

I hope you are trying login with proper cloud credentials. I would ask you to try again and if that still fails let us know.

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Thank you for the reply @lomas

I gave it a try again with my personal account and 4 accounts that we use for testing purposes. Pressing the login button doesn’t give you a fail or success message, or execute any action. This is how the window is shown once you press the login button. The log seems to be empty. I have checked that the logs are enabled from the View tab.

Hi @slapfrost
The UI was stuck and did not submit the form at your end since it encountered unfinished network transaction at the background.
Would like to ask for a favor that with your credentials, can you login to the clouds following these urls : MiOS Smart Home and Login ?

Hi @lomas

Yes, we can log in using our accounts.

Ezlogic, account 1

Ezlogic, account 2

Ezlogic, account 3

Vera, account 1

Vera, account 2

Vera, account 3

We are working to reproduce the error you encountered. I will get back soon. In the mean time can you consider trying with creating a new account ?

Hi @slapfrost
We are working to release a new version with applying all the fixes.
At the moment here is the work-around for the issue.
Copy the .dll files from here into the ezlogic installation directory i.e. in most of the cases : C:\Program Files\ezlogic .
You can either replace the existing dlls or skip copying them.
Let us know after you apply these work-around and test. Thank you for being patient with us.


@lomas thank you. Worked with the version available on after installing all the .dll files. I’ll keep testing the GPIOs and let you know if anything comes up.