Mochad and heyu interface

I’m one of the unfortunate folks that does not have a cm15a/cm19a but I do have a serial cm11a with lots of x10 devices.

There is open source software called Heyu that runs in C on Linux. It was made to talk to the cm11a which uses a serial interface.

I would love to be able to use my verde 3 with the cm11a by having Mochad incorporate a serial interface, or talk with Heyu which already does a lot of the work and seems more convenient.

I simply don’t have the resources to take this project on. Is anyone interested in this project interfacing Mochad and Heyu?

@stee1hed, unfortunately, I don’t have a cm11a to try it out, but I think it wouldn’t be too hard to get it working.

Do you want to hook the cm11a up to Vera directly or have heyu running on a separate linux machine that you connect to over the network?

I think the easier thing to do is just write a little program in your favorite scripting langauge (perl, python, etc) that listens on a network port for mochad commands and does a translation to heyu commands.

Hi radarengineer!

I prefer it running on a separate linux box currently.

An interface program you describe sounds best to me as it doesn’t mess with the current builds of Mochad and Heyu so replacing them directly as updates are available would be possible.

If I had a working base to work with I could probably support it after that.

I’d be willing to donate $100 usd to the cause. This would be cheaper than replacing my x10 equipment with z wave equip for sure.

cant you hook up this device directly to the vera with a rs232 usb bridge as it speaks rs232 ? and then make a device file for it ?

@Da_JoJo, absolutely, although it would be a bit of work because the data from the cm11a appears to be pretty ‘raw’:

@stee1hed, I’ll do some research tonight and see if I can get a good idea of what would be involved. I think it should be pretty simple unless the heyu interface is more complicated than it seems to be at first glance.

im playing around with the rs232 and it seems pretty straightforwarded… set protocol to raw and send the code it needs to have. im trying to speak to my samsung syncmaster 400p this way… didnt get to hook it up yet as i was busy with other things.

@Da_JoJo and @stee1hed, I’m bidding on a cm11a on ebay (even though I have a couple of cm15a/cm19a controllers which are working fine!), so hopefully I’ll have one at somepoint in the near future.

That should make testing a raw serial cm11a plugin / heyu plugin easier on my end.

ah well i just need it to talk hex codes to my 400p , this will be as much code input as for the cm-11 probably as this MDC control has a lot of functions. its not top priority for me.

@Da_JoJo, my X10 devices are all controlled fine with cm15a / mochad, so it is a low priority for me too! Sounds like I’ll start with the heyu side of things first then.

thats an idea… or maybe a template plugin for common purpose use of the rs232 ?

@radarengineer Super! No one can question your great ability with what you have provided to the community already. This would be another feather in your cap.


[quote=“stee1hed, post:11, topic:170958”]@radarengineer Super! No one can question your great ability with what you have provided to the community already. This would be another feather in your cap.

speaking about putting feathers into something…
i was thinking why not make this a basic template for test and program aid ?
like a virtual device with in the properties settings for different codesets i.e. raw,hex,ascii and indian forms
that one could send any combined commando over rs232 by filling it in the upnp steering link, which on its turn can be used on another device to send it code…
so it ends up with for example a device would turn on and send a message over rs232 to ur displaydevice or whatever rs232 device.

So I have received my cm11a and I am going to start attacking this problem. First I am going to try to interface to heyu, and then later I’ll probably address directly attaching a cm11a to Vera.

@Da_JoJo, I’m not sure exactly how to approach the serial interface you are describing. I think for just sending data to a device that is all quite possible, but I’m not sure how you would use that for bi-directional communication (which I need for the cm11a). That being said, if you decide to try a “universal serial” plugin I’m sure you will get lots of help on the forum.

Woo hoo!

I’m kind of excited… :wink:

@stee1hed, sorry for the delay on this project, it’s been a really busy month!

Do you use the heyu_relay process to monitor X10 commands the cm11a receives, or do you just send commands out? I’m trying to figure out the two way interface and it is a bit trickier.

I was just using the monitor to sense/receive and command line to send commands. Nothing with the relay.

But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be the best option, I just never got that far.

Hi radarengineer!

Any new status by chance?


I’m also interessed by this function, any news ?


Sorry about the delay on getting this implemented, work and home life have been pretty crazy for the past few weeks. I have some preliminary work and I’ll try to get something posted in the near future.


don’t worry, and don’t hurry :slight_smile:

I can wait of course

Have fun