Mochad and heyu interface

Hi radarengineer

Had a chance to make any more headway?

@stee1hed, sorry no :-[

It isn’t a very difficult piece of code I just have had essentially no time to dedicate to home automation for the past few months. I certainly haven’t forgotten about it, and hope to get to it soon. Otherwise, he is my plan of attack if anyone else wants to try first:

Essentially all you need is a little piece of code to listen on the mochad socket (1099) and to the local heyu process and then communicate between them. This is pretty easy with python’s twisted framework.

Here is an example that does essentially the same thing for Denon receivers:

It is actually easier with mochad since we don’t need a socket < 1024. The file “” is a good starting place.

“MyProxyServer” needs to be modified to receive data over the network (listen on port 1099) and its dataReceived function should process mochad commands.

“MyProxyClient” needs to be modified to talk to the local heyu and then translate from local events (things picked up by the cm11a) and then send it out as the appropriate mochad response.