MiOS Application - early Beta enrollment

Ok great
we’ll have
1-Monthly Payment Plan
2-Annual Payment Plan
3-Multi year payment plan (2,3,4,5 year etc).

Please keep the feedback coming! All these products are being built for you, your voice is very important.

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me if I chose Vera and Ezlo it is for an independent and local solution. I don’t mind having to pay for something on the condition that it’s mine, as imperihome at the start. I don’t like subscriptions, if I can do otherwise for free I’m going this route

Of course, its not valuable, then don’t pay.
if its valuable and you can do the same thing with free…then of course please go ahead and do that for free…
Only if it has a value should you pay.

Regardless of what you do, I still need a box that will run the house but is not dependent on the internet to run. I live in an area of spotty internet and can’t rely on that to run the house.

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You had to pay for Imperihome, I was lucky as I was an early adopter and got a lifetime Pro Android licence, wish I bought an iOS one now at the same time.

They then moved to a monthly subscription that was like 5 Euros a month or something daft was too expensive.

This Home Remote I am testing now I think is £5 for life but don’t quote me on that I haven’t purchased it yet as still evaluating.

Actually their prices are here:

As for a MiOS app if its as good as they say it will be I would be happy to pay for a year or 2 years as long is it doesn’t break the bank.

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I have fullykiosk because I like to build my dashboards myself (I’m a dev, so it’s my pet project) and I don’t really like others. I payed 6 Eur per device and that’s it.

I understand it’s just a nice browser vs a complete app that’s being enhanced over the years, but I’ll pay a monthly or yearly fee. Just give me the app with no updates, I’m even ok with that. Monthly fee is a no go for me. But I have the skills to build it from scratch, so I’m probably not the best customer from this point of view.

You will always need local devices/controllers…the idea is to decouple the Software/Cloud/Platoform (MiOS) from the hardware…leaving you to run any hardware and let MiOS do all the stitching and management of all that you need.

yes I paid it and it is mine, although it is no longer updated. Actually I don’t want to rent, and if I stop paying it doesn’t work anymore. we are talking about something that we use every day, it is part of the house and the evolutions are not done continuously in a house but step by step: I add a device from time to time but not every day

This is not an open source platform though. There are plenty of other totally free options out there.

Personally I like Vera I’ve used it for over 10 years. I would obviously rather the app was free but if its not and its good and its not too expensive then I will buy it.

So I signed up… How do I know if I received it or not? Is it a separate app? How to check version number in the current Beta App (Android)?

and that is the problem…they are not updated or improved… because its not only a “side show” compared to hardware. So not enough investment goes into developing the platform/app/cloud.

yes I fully agree, however it fits my needs.
Easy to use, to duplicate, my wife and but children are happy because it is simple and used to it too

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Don’t mind paying for something that is really good like imperihome, I bought two licences “for live”. If software is good I’ll pay for it even if that only removes adds, I pay because it is worth it. Take plugin reactor, it is for free but I pay because it is good.
So if you deliver an app that is good I’ll pay for it, no problem, but it must be good :wink:. I prefer a one time payment, no monthly fees.

how long do you want support for that one payment?

3 years… is lifetime for me in software land. Nobody can predict beyond 3 years here and I don’t like looking for something new every year.

I understand, so you wish to pay for 3 years support all upfront in one go?

Yes, be aware I want to be able to keep using it after the three years although I will get no updates anymore. Next to this I would expect that three years is less expensive than one year or monthly fee.

Well, sometimes apps have to be updated due to underlying Operating System. Noone can guarantee an unsupported old app to work in new operating system versions.

I feel more comfortable: Buy only Ezlo HW hubs and is free as long Ezlos used …
(In short, lifetime subscription price included in Ezlo Hub)

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I’m, personal happy to pay for feature rich software. and I think a price of 2-3$/month, 10-20$/year, and perhaps a 24-36$/ 3 years

And whey buying a ezlo controller you get 3 to 6 month free included in the controller purchase (you need lure people in)

But the “standart” app must always be free (currently Vera mobile)

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