MiOS Application - early Beta enrollment

We are happy to announce that we are going to release the brand new MiOS App early Beta soon. The new application is almost here.

This new mobile application puts you in control of your home automation setup with software that is not hardware-dependent.

Feature list available for early Beta users:

  • Create a new account by using your email address
  • Login into the MiOS app by using VeraMobile credentials
  • If you forgot the password, you could reset it anytime.
  • Link your Alexa or Google account
  • Create custom dashboards and control devices connected to Alexa and Google from one place.
  • Create virtual devices
  • Create a scene to control both Alexa and Google connected devices.
  • Use the Ezlo VOI feature without having to buy an Ezlo controller.

We will continuously update the beta apps as we progress with the development.

If you want to participate in this Beta Program, please fill in this short form


  • Ezlo & Vera controller is not mandatory, however, you can also use it with your existing controllers.
  • Amazon Alexa hub, Google Home hub.
  • iOS 9+
  • Android 8.1+

MiOS application runs in parallel with the Vera Mobile application, this means you can use both of them, without issues.


Please note that since the beta/Alpha apps have not yet been commercially released, they may contain bugs, errors, or technical inaccuracies. It may not function as well as general availability software releases.


So what is the end game here ?

Will this new “MiOS” mobile app replace the Vera mobile app we have today at some point ?


Great work guys! And girls. But I thank for it.

Signed up! Excited to finally see a new app, what will it look like?

I will explain our vision for this guys…(this is just a placeholder until later on when i have time to write it in full)…


I always thought the Vera mobile app needed an entire new replacement.

I think I signed up. Didn’t get any confirmation email though.

Long overdue for sure. Happy to finally see it’s replacement soon

Why Brand new App?

Problems we saw and wanted to solve:

1-Hardware manufacturers writing software/app!
2-Apps are designed to sell hardware
3-Apps are not designed to work with competing hardware
4-Hardware manufacturers charge extra for their hardware to pay for software, therefore removing the incentive from independent software developer to develop software, because hardware manufacturers take all the money.
5-Software/App does not have an income source on its own to develop the software further and reliant on hardware sales.
6-IoT, Home Automation silos are created as a result that forces end users to create Frankenstein solutions, that stops

We need to break this chain that is stifling innovation and progress in IoT and Home Automation.
1-Find a manufacturer that will stop charging too much for hardware.
2-Then create a software team that will take that money left from not charging too much for the hardware for them to develop a software platform that will work with everything.

Who can do that?
It has to be a someone who already have hardware presence in the market place…with amazing software development capabilities, who are prepared to change the business model for the greater good! That comes with short-mid term pain, with long term gains for everyone!

That is the journey we started on .
We want MiOS App to be your software/app/web platform to be able to do everything you need. It will take us time to get there but we are determined to get there. The platform must allow customization, must work with multiple hardware vendors, allow ecosystem for developers and must continuously be updated and innovated on.

With MiOS App we now have
-created cloud based scenes: where you can download this app and start using it without a controller…use VOI, get some Alexa and Google devices and create scenes to control them both with these Cloud based scenes…more integrations coming…
-Virtual devices…
-Dashboards…(starting point of a dashboard…will progress to be the most comprehensive dashboard)
-Web/App based Scene creation: very powerful scene creation capabilities (not on this version but will soon)
-Work in local mode as long as its viable/technically achievable.
-provide many other services like object recognition for cameras and so on…(coming…)
-Energy management utilities…

This current version is merely a starting point that we will develop and improve with every version. We run 2 weekly sprints where we are hoping progress will be plenty and quick.


Hi @melih
thanks for this explanation, but what about the Ezlo App? Is it planned to have only one application at the end? What is the state of play? Screenshots?
I want to see
I want to believe (X-files)

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Ezlo app and MiOS app will join together …running them seperate allow us to develop things seperately faster, then we start combining them. For example you can see the dashboard from Ezlo app is already integrated into the MiOS app…Only one application is all you need at the end of the day!

So your going to support SmartThings and other 3rd party HA hubs with this app ?

Interesting ! Not something I would personally use however as will have a local Ezlo controller device.

That’s a big claim I really hope so !

Web as in both your new cloud scenes ? And a HTTP web GUI running locally on the actual Ezlo hub as well ?

I won’t ever be creating scenes on a mobile app on a small phone or tablet screen.

Sounds like IFTTT or Tuya / eWeLink HA cloud services.

Again interesting but 99% of my devices will be connected locally directly to the Ezlo hub, Z-Wave / Zigbee etc.

I will use Ezlo VOI however for controlling a few devices I have on my Google Home that Vera / Ezlo don’t support directly.

Yes we need virtual devices on our Ezlo hubs. There are various 3rd party plugins currently for creating Virtual Devices in Vera FW.

Personally I don’t use any of these types of plugins and currently create my own virtual devices directly in Vera and use PLEG logic for them.

Yes. One at a time…but we will.

Ability to create scenes from a “web app” vs “smart phone app”.

Yes…but…wait and see…



If you build it well, they will come!

I think it’s a great idea to open up this new MiOS app for cross HA hub / platform support.

Sell it in the apps stores to a larger market.

I’m sure an app done well like Imperihome was, that also supported cross platforms will gain attention.

Same with this “The Home Remote” app I’ve been looking at again recently. Its cross platform support. Just one talented dev making it happen.

I know a lot of Homeseer users relied on Imperihome amongst others.

The Home Remote dev tells me he’s had an uptake since Imperihome went EOL.



An obvious question about the MiOS app I did not ask you, this being cross platform we can first expect to see it support both Vera controllers running Vera firmware and Ezlo controllers running Ezlo firmware ?

Ideally both at the same time so we can migrate over to the Ezlo controller firmware slowly.

early days…we are working on some ideas…

Hi @melih
Do you intend to make it pay as imperihome did, initially in a single purchase then, after redemption, in a monthly subscription? Or will it be free for Ezlo / Vera users?

haven’t finalized exactly how it will work.
happy to hear opinions pls.

I’d rather not pay monthly but if it’s a decent app I’d be happy to pay a larger fee upfront.

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for how long? One year, two year, three year fee paid upfront?

1 year at a time I would prefer, monthly I dont like, also things change so I also dont what to pay for 3 years