Luup Scene vs. Luup Event

I’m almost certain this question would be addressed somewhere in this forum, but my attempts to search started giving me a headache, so…

I understand and have been successfully using LUUP code to control scene execution, referring to a flag I setup that I use to indicate whether or not I’m in my vacation home or not. That all seems to work fine. However, I also have a scene that i call “Alerts” where I’ve setup a series of alerts related to my motion sensor, patio gate lock, etc., that I only want to run when I’m not at home. However, it seems that one of the alerts is running while I’m here, and I can’t figure out why.

So then I realized that I had my LUUP code in the “LUUP SCENE” container, but I didn’t quite understand what the LUUP EVENT was used for. Should I be putting the conditional LUUP code next to each event, in addition to the scene itself to control whether or not the events actually trigger notifications? If this is not how LUUP EVENTS is supposed to be used, then I have another problem that I’ll have to investigate further.

Any guidance appreicated.

Code in Luup Scene is global for the entire scene, so for example if you want the scene to terminate if x=1 then put that code in luup scene. Luup Event is checked based on the event that triggered scene execution so if you need to check something or do something special only if the scene is triggered by specific even put in the Luup Event for that Event trigger.

Hope this helps clear this up a little.

Thank you - you confirmed my suspicion, so I must have some other issue going on. I definitely have conditional code that I know works in other scenes in the particular scene in question, yet some of the events are still firing alerts when they shouldn’t be, according to the flag in the conditional code. I’ll do some brute-force troubleshooting to figure it out.

slackner can you go on your Vera unit in Setup->Advanced->Tech support, enable it and the submit a trouble report mentioning the Scene Name that’s not working after
you enable Verbose Logging from Advanced->Logs and reproduce the issue?

MCV - done. Thanks.