Looking to migrate from Vera and have a few questions

I did search around but I am having a difficult time finding simple answers to these questions:

  • Is there a migration mechanism for devices / scenes from Vera Plus to Ezlo?

  • Is there a mechanism for writing LUA code in Ezlo (or migrating my existing code?)

  • Do wifi devices work on Ezlo?

Thank you so much for your help.

No (it might come but no ETA)

No (There will come a solution to use LUA). The logic in Ezlo to build a scene is improving gradually. Depending on your needs you might not need Lua in the end.

They can work if they can be used through a voice assistant like Google or Alexa. The mechanism used is VOI, giving the option to enter your voice commands via a ‘scene’ (scene is called Meshbot nowadays)

So it is a lot work in progress and not clear what will be ready by the end of this year.

If you have specific wifi devices to be integrated you can enter a request for integration.

Be aware that you cannot use your current plugins on Ezlo.

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Thank you Ranneman. My primary use-case for lua scripts is to calll globalcache devices via tcp so I can control IR only devices. Do you know if TCP commands are available via the “scene builder” (meshbot?).

Not yet via Meshbot. I can see that HTTP is possible via Mios app through a scene but I have never tested it before. Maybe @cw-kid can answer that question.

Devices yes: we are working on a document…it requires you to set the Ezlo hub as a secondary to Vera hub…etc…

Scenes: not yet…however with Ezlogic, you should be able to see both vera and ezlo hubs and their scenes all in one account…

Yes…we are about to launch a new framework where you can write a “plugin” using Lua…should be out by the year end (fingers crossed)…then you can to pretty much anything you want…

Yes…and with this plugin framework, anyone can write any plugin to get any device to work.

Http requests are available in Meshbot rules as an action in the Web GUI. I haven’t tested them recently though.

I did however try to create a simple lua script in a Meshbot action the other day and the Lua script does not save and vanished.

I created a bug report and submitted it to Ezlo.

I think instead creating a scene in the Vera mobile app with a lua script should work instead in the mean time.

However lua scripts we all know and are use to working with on Vera hubs are vastly different on Ezlo hubs.

Seems to be a different lua coding language to me.

It’s not the same, so it’s not just a case of copying and pasting your existing lua codes from Vera to your new scenes on an Ezlo hub.

Learning curve again it seems.

Hmm ok that’s a bit discouraging. Well sounds like maybe the ezlo isn’t quite ready yet for my purposes. I really appreciate your response. Thank you.

So, contradictory answers between customers and Ezlo support. Which answers are correct?

which specific questions are you interested please? (so that detailed answers can be provided).

I think he is referring to the fact that a user answered the same questions you answered but phrased them differently. Both answers were the same though. Again, thanks everyone for the info. My old vera devices are over utilized (too many devices) and have become painfully slow. I was really hoping to slide right into an Ezlo device but it would seem some of the migration pieces and functionality are still in the works. Rather than wait on the new device and then go through a learning curve I just went a different route, which also has a learning curve but is ready today. Thanks for the 5+ years of Z-wave!!

Did you try the VERA betas? System is more responsive since…

In your response to Arsine, concerning the mechanism to allow the migration of devices from Vera to Ezlo.

THis is exactly what I am looking for in order to purchase the Ezlo Plus.

When will this tool be available.


we are here for you all the way @poordom …(let us know if you need help at any stage pls)

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