Looking for Modern, wall switch-type Scene Controllers

I’m looking for a new/modern in-wall scene controller switch to update the several Leviton VRCS4 and Evolve LCD scene controllers I have in both of my homes, but cannot find anything new in the market.

The Levitons have served me well, but they are (1) finicky, sometimes triggering scenes, sometimes not and are a pain to include; (2) are running on old tech; and (3) just look outdated and ugly at this point. I spent a small fortune on several of the Evolve LCD controllers but, in addition to no native support for those in Vera and having to run on a long-abandoned plug-in, they also now look clunky and outdated.

Is anyone aware of any simple, clean, modern wall-switch scene controllers that are actually designed to be installed/hardwired in a standard jbox? I am not a fan of remotes, even those that can be wall-mounted to look like a switch. I want something that is properly installed, like any other wall switch (like the Levitons). It doesn’t seem as though any of the zwave product companies are producing multi-button in-wall scene controllers anymore.

Has anyone come across something I may have missed?

Here is a new offering that is pretty cool. It’s the Zooz Zen 32. The only problem is that it’s not yet supported by Vera. I just purchased one to use with my Homeseer. The Z-Wave marketplace has been really missing devices like this. I’ve used the Leviton VRCS4 too, but they are a pain to program. I’m glad the Zen 32 came along as an alternative. Now to get it supported by Vera/Ezlo…

I don’t see us ever getting official support for the Zen32. Most of the Zen 2x and 3x series has already been replaced with the 7x using zwave 700 and 800 chips. The newer Zen 76 and 77 both have built in scenes (double tap of switch) in addition to the still current Zen 32 with 4 scene buttons, but none of these options work on Vera (except for simple on off light switches with or without dimmers), and there is even less support on Ezlo hubs.

I did find on the Zooz website how to program the Zen32 scene buttons.
How to Program Your ZEN32 Scene Controller on Vera - Zooz Support Center (getzooz.com)

WOW! it’s been 2.5 years and the Zen32 STILL isn’t supported? That’s crazy! This one device is the whole reason I dumped Vera and switched to Homeseer. Well, not the whole reason, but the last straw! The Zen32 was supported out of the box by Homeseer. I figured Vera/Ezlo would catch up with device support eventually but it would take them a year or two. I just didn’t want to wait. It only took me a week or two to really love Homeseer. I’ve never regretted switching. This just confirms my choice once again. I can do things with Homeseer that would never be possible with Vera. Happily I can’t compare to Ezlo.

Hi @Scarab , @bradkw

We already announced long time ago that the Vera apps/hubs are not being updated.
We are working relentlessly to improve our Ezlo apps/hubs and in Ezlo side Zooz ZEN32 is working already for a long time.

So if you have specific problems with an actual Ezlo hub of your own , can you please guide us about the problem so we can fix it asap.


@Scarab , @bradkw

Here is video showing how you can pair and use Zooz Zen32 Scene controller with Ezlo Hubs

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Ok, I stand corrected! ZEN-32 is now supported. Nice! Yes, at the time I had Vera and knew you were not supporting it anymore. Although that was not being actively communicated at the time, I could see the writing on the wall. I needed to replace old LEVITON VRCS4 controllers and ZEN-32 was the obvious choice, but it was not supported by Vera and not yet supported by Ezlo. For me it was a matter of waiting who knows how long for Ezlo ZEN-32 support that may or may not ever come, or move on to a more advanced system like Homeseer. Homeseer did not need an update or driver to support new devices like ZEN-32 or any other new device. I chose it despite the underwhelming single-threaded logic event engine. That engine, by the way, Homeseer has now natively improved to rival Vera’s non-native Reactor plugin. I don’t know what native logic engine Ezlo has now. I’m extremely happy with Homeseer and don’t plan to change. I am also impressed by @osman’s swift reply to my post, albeit delayed response to @Scarab.

Best wishes to you all!