Logical structure in the App Vera

Forgive me, I don’t understand some things in Vera App

    1. What’s the logical of dividing into sections? (scene, cameras, devices)
      It would be more logical to create Sections such as Rooms or Floors and insert the services required!
      In Section ENTRANCE :
      Scene = “Opening door”
      Camera = “to see entrance”
      Device = “Entrance light”
      etc…or a single Section and enter what one wants without scrolling through absurd windows.
    1. Furthermore, it is necessary to be able to enable the confirmation of a scene (as happens on Imperihome) to avoid the inconvenience, for example, to touch accidentally the scene “Open the doors” etc.
    1. Is it possible to lock the icons without scrolling underneath? ( see Attachment )

thank you


I’ve been arguing for suggestion #2 since the inception of the beta testing program on this app. In actual use, it’s quite common for someone’s finger to inadvertently tap an unwanted action, which can have disastrous results, such as turning on a light while someone is sleeping, causing them to wake up.

Last time I made this recommendation, the guy in charge made a joke out of it, so evidently I failed to convey how important a simple “Are you sure?” dialogue would be for some users. Without it, the app is a no-go, since I only use it at night (so as to be quiet) when the risk (of waking others up) is high.

Thanks for adding your opinion!


+1 Agrees with all of your suggestions


new dashboard we designed will solve all these issues.

Well … the Confirmation request in point 2 should be enabled on a single scene, not on everything of course I hope


I fully agree with you, the division into sections has no meaning, I use Imperihome in my Tablet on the wall because Vera app is unusable

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Which one was the guy in charge? :roll_eyes:

In Imperihome you can have all widgets prompt for a “are you sure?” prompt if you so wish.

I only use that feature on house modes, so I don’t accidentally put the house in to away or night mode etc by mistake.

So it is a handy feature to have a confirmation prompt on some actions.

No joke when your fat fingers press something on a small screen by mistake and the whole house shuts down!

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How long will it take?
because at the moment it is the only home automation system without a dedicated “presentable” application!

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