Beta - Ezlo Linux fw v. for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

My Vera Edge SN 45004820 is still puttering along at fw 1382.14. Need me to do anything on this end??

Hello @VeraGator

We check the controller SN and it doesn’t have the latest firmware version as you mentioned before. We have contacted @Oleh about this and we’re waiting for his response. As soon as we have an update we will let you know.

Thanks for your understanding.

I just rebooted my Ezlo Plus via SSH and its updated to this firmware version OK.

Good morning,

There is a way to fix this issue now; first, make sure you gave the App location access for all the time. If that doesn´t work, please create a user with admin permission and share it with me through a PM. Then I will use the API tool to set your coordinates manually.

Hello @VeraGator,
Sorry, but this release has been published for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure only.

Hi @MCakan @Oleh @melih
Is it possible, for the next update, to be able to put a PIN code on the modes? Code can be activated or not from the administrator account settings?

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You can enter pincodes and switch house modes directly from Centralite ZigBee keypad which we integrated.

Yes but we’d like a pin code prompt in the app, so someone can’t just select Home mode for example and disarm you house.

Maybe you will had that feature into your dashboard app.

As all the dashboard apps I have used with my Vera (Imperihome and Home Remote) enable you to specify if certain tiles have to have a pin code correctly entered first, before that tiles action is run etc.

Also we’d like to be able to turn on a confirmation prompt Y or N etc on certain tiles / scenes, so that if you accidently press something you are then prompted to confirm that is what you really wanted to do ?

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Hello @Pitt13 and @cw-kid,

Thank you very much for your feedback, it plays a big role in our improvement process.

I have created two feature requests so the development team takes into account your valuable ideas for future updates.
You can follow the requests about Pin Code for House Modes here and about Confirmation Prompts for Scenes here.
In Ezlo, we value our customers’ ideas and developed a space where customers can create integration and feature requests for our development team. You can find it on top of the forum in the option “Community Feature and Bug Tracker.”

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I can actually use the keyboard, should it still be available in stores in France, but that’s not what I’m looking for. You are not responding to my request. I would like to be able to change the mode of the house from the application after entering the code and that it is ok.
Édit : I just saw the answer from @Oscar.Morales

We already discussed what features we wanted for an app for a dashboard app before.

Pin codes and confirmation prompts was one of them. It’s a no brainer that changing house modes needs to be pin protected.

I see your point, but can’t help to think that access to the controller is already password protected anyway, so I guess you already considered this as well and decided it is not good enough for you?

Isn’t a “Dashboard” fundamentally different from the mobile app or web ui inasmuch as the Dashboard will likely be deployed on a touchscreen in someone’s home, where a child might fiddle with it?

I took those guys’ request for a PIN to mean, “Allow users to protect that tile from being changed by unauthorized persons” in the same way they do on Roku channels or ordering things via Google Play.

Am I mistaken?

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@Leandro @VeraGator

Only difference for me is one is portrait (phone) and the other landscape (tablet).

I’ve used the same dashboard app on the phone or on tablets around the house.

You have tiles on a dashboard app. Some tiles carryout sensative operations when pressed, so the option to pin protect certain tiles is needed.

Also a Y/N confirmation prompt is handy for certain other tiles, so if you accidentally press that tile, you get a prompt to continue or not.

On this page on my dashboard app, some tiles are pin protected some just have confirmation prompt.

For example the “Home” tile is pin protected because that disarms the house.

However the “Away” tile only has a Y/N confirmation prompt because that arms the house.

I dont use the Vera mobile app because it doesn’t work very well. However if I did have that Vera mobile app on all my devices, I’d want some features like these and some of the other features we all previously discussed in that other thread, to be implemented.


that’s exactly what I’m looking for.
Try to figure out what we need instead of telling us how to do without it please. We have been using these functions for years, so we might as well develop things that are useful so that the application is used to its maximum at the risk of falling back on other third-party applications.

We understand each other well you and me :smiley: @cw-kid


It does make total sense now that I picture that scenario. I just have not used that kind of setup myself, nor do I live with children, but it totally makes sense to have the modes protected by password in those scenarios, as well as others I probably have not considered either.

I have created a feature request for it:


I liked both use-cases and the difference between having password level protection vs accidental tap protection.
I created a ticket for both use-case, lets see when we can have them implemented in our dashboard.

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Tap protection (in the form of an “Are you sure?” prompt) is exactly what I begged for more than a year ago (including here and here), but the head guy seemed to think I was kidding. So I’m glad someone else finally brought it up again, and it’s being officially considered.

In point of fact, just scrolling down a list of controlled devices (in any GUI, not just Vera Mobile) on a cellphone can be extremely problematic. One misplaced fingernail and a “swipe” motion (hunting for the thermostat) becomes a “tap” and ON goes the bedroom light, waking up your sleeping partner in the middle of the night.

Ask me how I know this. And it takes months for WAF to heal!! It’s also why I cannot use VeraMobile for anything beyond beta testing purposes.

the same goes for the gate or the garage door, or smoke generator in the event of an intrusion into the home, like you arrive at your home forgetting to remove the alarm, the siren sounds, you try to put it on off but you make the wrong key and trigger the smoke generator, add the strobe that goes with it: results at 3 a.m. of the wake-up call all of your neighbors, the smoky house and you are half blind and in the longer you have to wait for the smoke to clear … that’s definitely not WAF at all and you lose all credibility there :sob::sob::sob:

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I used to worry a bit less about doorlocks, now that you mention it, because my original pushbutton Schlage deadbolt required the knob to be physically turned even if Vera told it to “unlock”. You had 10 seconds to complete the action or no-go; it remained locked otherwise.

With a Yale Assure deadbolt, clicking in the Vera UI can make it power-unlock! (At least Alexa is smart enough not to permit unlocking by voice for this reason! I’ve since removed the “Yale” from Alexa’s view altogether in an abundance of caution). This clearly illustrates the virtues of a PIN in Dashboards.

I’d be really fearful of someone grabbing my Android phone out of my hands and being able within seconds to unlock my house using VeraMobile, but as it stands, that’s entirely possible. It’s also why I never even thought about interfacing my alarm system with Vera in any way, lol.

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