Linear WT00Z as scene controller

Newbie question here. Has anyone used a linear WT00Z as a scene controller. It comes up in Vera Lite as a scene controller (type 14) device but I haven’t been able to define which scene button it triggers. I also have only been able to associate devices to group 1. Double click (group 2) and triple clicks (group 3) don’t do anything. Any help would be appreciated.

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Anyone successful at associating devices to group 2 or getting the WT00Z to generate a trigger when turned on or off?

When I attempt to associate a device to group 2, I get: “Failed at: setting user association.”

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I have the same issue.

Followup… I have been able to get the WT00Z to act as a scene controller. However, I still cannot assign devices to any group other than group 1.

The trick to configuring the WT00Z as a scene controller is to understand that scene number 255 is when the WT00Z has been tapped ON, and scene number 0 is when the WT00Z has been tapped OFF. So when you setup the trigger or notification for your scene, “Event Type” should always be “A Scene is Activated” and the “Which scene number” field should be either 0 or 255 depending on which state you are after.

Hope this helps…

Any luck with double or triple taps? How did you ever figure out that it wanted 0 or 255 as scene numbers? I have a couple of these installed with group one controlled, but I’m wondering what else these can do.

Anyone with an Evolve LTM-5 try scenes 0 and 255?

Doesn’t look like this is happening.

See here:,23122.msg172504.html#msg172504

Yeah, but zamazing isn’t in that thread. How did he come up with controlling scenes 0 and 255? Either he has a good technical contact, or some sort of superpower for configuration. We don’t know all that these sparsely documented devices can do, just specific things that they don’t do.

No superpowers at work here! I just took an educated guess. It made sense to me that a typical programmer would choose to associate OFF with 0 and ON with 255 given 8-bits of data.

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Sounds like not much may have changed with these Lineair/Evolve/ACT/2-Gig devices…

Create an On and an Off scene, with event a scene is activated and scene number 255 and 0 respectively.[/quote]

The LTM-5 had the double/triple tap feature stripped also (compared to its ACT predecessor).

I don’t have the WT00Z; could someone who does please post the [tt]Capabilities[/tt], [tt]Version[/tt] and [tt]Manufacturer[/tt] strings from the [tt]Settings[/tt] tab?

For reference, the Evolve LTM-5:
Capabilities 211,156,0,4,18,0,L,R,B,RS,|37,38:1,39,112,114,133,134,135,
Version 6,3,20,5,21
Manufacturer ACT - Advanced Control Technologies

Here’s the info from one of my WT00Z units.

Capabilities: 211,156,0,4,18,0,L,R,B,RS,|37,38:1,39,112,114,133,134,135,

VersionInfo: 6,3,42,5,41

ManufacturerInfo: 335,21591,12339

Is there a guide on how to decipher the capability codes? Note that they are identical to the LTM-5 that you posted.

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I was able to successfully attach WT00Z with WD500Z as a 3 way switch.

I did configuration this way.

Pair the WT00Z and WD500Z devices and add to Vera.
One will be detected as dimmer and other will be scene controller
For scene controller (WT00z),
Open device -> Device options -> Add Group 1
Set to-> Select the dimmer check box, no need to add text.
For dimmer controller (WD500z),
Open device -> Device options -> Add Group 1
Set to-> Select the Scene controller and dimmer check box, no need to add text.

Done !