Linear GD00z-5 and Wayne Dalton Quantum opener

Hello, I am trying to install a Linear GD00z-5 on my garage door opener.

Paired fine with Vera
installed the sensor and Vera sees it open or closed when I use the push button on the wall
The old Dalton has only 3 screws. PB COM OBS (pushbutton, com, obstruction sensor)
installed one wire on the PB one on the COM.
Operated the door several times to synch the sensor

What’s happening:
With the door closed or open I am on Vera on my pc
I activate the door via vera and it beeps and lights up and then it opens or closes appropriately.
I then go to open or close it back again (waiting 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min) And it does not function. Vera immediately sends me an error that “the node reports it is busy” and then nothing. Not even the pushbutton on the wall works. I have to unplug it all and replug it all back in.

Any ideas? Thanks!!

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