Linear GD00z-5 and Wayne Dalton Quantum opener

Hello, I am trying to install a Linear GD00z-5 on my garage door opener.

Paired fine with Vera
installed the sensor and Vera sees it open or closed when I use the push button on the wall
The old Dalton has only 3 screws. PB COM OBS (pushbutton, com, obstruction sensor)
installed one wire on the PB one on the COM.
Operated the door several times to synch the sensor

What’s happening:
With the door closed or open I am on Vera on my pc
I activate the door via vera and it beeps and lights up and then it opens or closes appropriately.
I then go to open or close it back again (waiting 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min) And it does not function. Vera immediately sends me an error that “the node reports it is busy” and then nothing. Not even the pushbutton on the wall works. I have to unplug it all and replug it all back in.

Any ideas? Thanks!!

Hello, Luckily we have Linear GD00z-5 in our development office. Today we are going to test it and see how it functions of course we will consider your post here. If we come across with any issue we will report to the developers immediately and follow up with them until it solved.

Let’s see how will be our experience today.

Here is a link to my investigation of using this zwave linear device with a Wayne Dalton garage door opener:

Mine works okay, though sometimes it is slow to change status on my phone and indicates it is busy temporarily. So I am not having the problem you seem to be experiencing. I doubt this helps you very much but hopefully it will.

Hi there,

This device was already integrated, maybe you should try to restart your system and tell us which hub and firmware are you using, please.

We made a re-test and mentioned device fully works on the current firmware version.
Also, you can check the video mentioned below.

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.

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