Leviton Scene Controller Creating Ghost Devices

I am stumped. I just installed my 5th Leviton Scene Controller with switch, and for reasons I cannot understand, Vera seems to want to keep adding a duplicate scene controller and switch device, both of which are not configurable.

I have tried all the usual troubleshooting steps - removing/re-adding to the network, factory-resetting the Scene Controller itself, etc. The actual devices (scene controller and switch) are configuring just fine and are controllable from Vera. These “ghost” devices, however, just won’t go away. I first tried the obvious step of deleting them, but after a couple of minutes they show up again as new devices requiring a name and room assignment. I also tried the “Remove permanent dead node”, and that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any ideas?

The only way to remove a dead node is to remove it from its power source first, then ask Vera to remove it. So, perhaps try: exclude from Vera via the dongle, factory reset the scene controller, shut off the breaker the controller is on, remove dead node in Vera, then power on the circuit and include the devices again.

OK, so I tried everything you suggested. But with the power to that Scene Controller still shutoff, Vera started configuring after I “Permanently Removed Dead Node” for both the controller & built-in switch, and then it found the two devices again and is asking me to assign them to a room! The power is still off - so something must still be stuck in my dongle. I’m not sure what to do at this point, other than to give the devices a name, assign them to a room, disable configuration & polling for them and hide them from the dashboard.

I’ll submit a help desk ticket to MCV - maybe they have some ideas.

Uggghhh…everything was working like a charm until this happened today. What a drag (and a waste of my Saturday).