Is the Vera Plus controller still supported?

So I am wondering if the Vera Plus controller is still supported? Lately trying to log in to Vera takes forever, if it will even log in at all. I also have a LOT of trouble with my alexa devices trying to communicate with it. It constantly tells me to check it’s power supply and network connection. Could this be related to the login issue?

If the Vera controller is no longer supported, how hard is it to transfer my current configuration over to one of the new Ezlo devices if I were to get one?


We regret to hear you’re having issues with your Vera Plus. Vera Plus controllers are in fact still actively supported by us. We will gladly assist you. In order to better help you, let us know your controller’s serial number and maybe the area where you’re located and whether you’re hardwired through a LAN cable.

Wow, if years without updates, leaving international users high and dry and no conversion path to the new platform is your definition of active support I beginning to understand why Ezlo isn’t gaining any market share

I’ve just had to switch from a vera controller to an ezlo, as my 10 year old vera died. No way to remove devices so adding them to an ezlo has been a nightmare. Some just don’t have manual exclusions or resets. More frustratingly, I can’t even see a way to post a new thread in this forum or contact customer support.

  1. How do you start a new thread? Do I have to be approved or have a certain number of posts?

  2. Ezlo doesn’t seem to see a garage door opener as a “switch” so it won’t let me create a scene where the device closes the garage door each night at 10 pm. Any thoughts?

Hello Arolin,

To create a new forum thread, you can go to the “latest” section and click on the “+” to create a new one. Or do it in one of the sections to which you have access depending on your level of permissions

And regarding the Garage Door Opener, We will gladly assist you. In order to better help you, let us know your controller’s serial number and the firmware version that the controller has. Please give us permission to access the controller as well and check additional settings


We apologize if your experience with Vera has not been optimal during the transition to Ezlo.

Our support for Vera controllers has not halted; we still offer technical support, troubleshooting, etc. Moreover, we have recently released fixes for several bugs in Vera, as you can see here

Likewise, we are working to make the transition to Ezlo as seamless as possible. Existing Z-Wave networks on Vera can be restored on an Ezlo controller in many cases almost completely. This has been done by users and us alike with no issues.

When I click on your link, I get to a post about the 7.32 beta which started a year ago and still isn’t released? So it looks like support is stopped???

I would put it like this : support is ongoing, new development has halted.
If the world had continued as before from early 2020 on, ezlo would have had a full lineup of new equipment (as would fibaro for example) avalable worldwide morebthan a year sgo, and vera suport would consist of replacing veras wih ezlos.
The world had other ideas.

Right after the acquisition, ezlo made a number of statements with regards to vera and the future , a lot of which did not happen - for much the same reason - the world had other ideas.