Is Micasaverde still a solvent company? Or is it going bankrupt hence given up support?

Was a happy user of a Vera Edge for years, but it’s started giving me problems (the dreaded cannot write user data - system error message every 6 minutes)

I’ve tried calling for days and concluding that no live person mans these lines, and you’re only asked to leave a message (that they never respond to). I’ve also opened a ticket through the usual support page, and over a week and not even an acknowledgement. I was just hoping to get them to have a look at the logs and see if there’s anything that’s causing it to crash, or if it really is starting to be a hardware issue

I’m trying to resolve by getting the machine to reboot every 5 minutes (what a joke), but before i try to migrate my z-wave devices to another more reputable company/controller, wanted to see what was up with micasaverde

You’d probably have a more rapid response by requesting support via this web page - click the “Need Help?” link at the top of this page.

Hi there,

I’ve looked up our ticketing system using the same email you have in the forum and I couldn’t find any active tickets using this email. Maybe you’re using a different one there? Can you shoot me a PM and/or your email address so I can push it to our CC team?

Hi, I have a question for future new VERA / EZLO controllers.
I had a Vera Lite then I passed the Backup on the new Vera Plus which unfortunately a lightning bolt burned so I took a Vera Edge by transferring the Bachup everything is back to work with about 90 devices, 60 Scenes and 15 Plugins including VeraAlerts to make my home talk to Google Home.
My question is:
Will it be possible to upgrade the Bachup Vera with new controllers in the future?
I would like to understand … thanks

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This hasn’t been fully confirmed yet.

Initial talks and discussions in the forum, suggest not and that a full rebuild may be required.

However Ezlo may yet come up with a migration path from the Vera hubs to the new Ezlo hubs.

It certainly seems like 3rd party plugins currently on the Vera platform, will not be compatible with the Ezlo platform and the plugins will have to be rewritten.

Thanks - I actually did that last week. Opened a ticket, opened the debug link in my Edge, but never got any response. Will shoot a PM to Sorin and hopefully can get a reply

…or not written at all.

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Indeed, many will never be written again and will be lost.

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I understand, and certainly the EZLO company policy has foreseen the loss of customers with this step that exploits the wave of the good Vera system and, with many stable brands on the market “maybe” I will be one of them.
I see that with EZLO there are many problems no Plugin, in short, a system to be built and tested on the customers’ shoulders.

I am hoping for a rethink with New VERA Controllers and a slower transition to EZLO Controllers

Interesting idea, but I don’t think we will see that happening.

Can the Ezlo hubs hardware run Vera firmware and not Ezlo firmware :thinking:

openLuup, running on a RPi bridged to Vera and possibly Ezlo and/or elsewhere, is my path to a controlled transition.

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I plan to use the 3rd party Vera to Ezlo bridge plugin.

I already have the vast majority of my Vera devices also on my Ezlo Plus controller as virtual devices that control the real devices on the Vera controller.

This way I can slowly move over to using scenes on the Ezlo Plus hub and hopefully Reactor for my more complex logic, if it does get ported over.

Then it would just be a case when happy, to pair the real devices and change their device ID numbers to what the virtual devices were. I think haha.

Waiting for Vera to get their act together is just not worth the effort - I’ve moved 99% of my home to Hubitat. It’s what Vera would have been if they had a decent architect directing their development efforts 3 years ago.


I came to look at new controllers today as I want to upgrade and found none of the ones in the store would even load to the shopping cart.

I guess it’s coming to an end?

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The online store has been broken for a while - I was going to buy a couple of Centralite Pearl’s, a few weeks back, but was unable to.

That’s certainly a sign.

It works for me…

Must be a browser issue? I was in Chrome.

We’ve noticed that sometimes adblockers are blocking the Add to cart button on products.

I run one. That’s definitely what happened. Thank you.

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