Is Micasaverde still a solvent company? Or is it going bankrupt hence given up support?

Ah that’s why.

Good morning Sorin,

I sent a request for assistance via your ticketing system, either Wednesday or Thursday, with no response what so ever.

Through the years I have enjoyed my Vera, when I had a problem, the staff were fantastic, but for some odd reason, its not the same, since the company was sold.

Even my Vera Plus, doesn’t work the same, is it me or is the overall platform failing.

It seems every time you have a server issue, my VeraPlus, seems to loose something, either speed or performance.

My issue this week, which is bizarre, I have updated the firmware, and now, in trying to set a different setpoint via a scene I can’t adjust a different setpoint, my thermostat is a GoControl TBZ48, the thermostat works fine, I spent about a week trying to figure the problem out, without success.

Another issue, has just popped up. again through a new scene, when I ask Vera to check status of a virtual switch, between this time and this time, do this time, nothing.

Can you help


No issues adding products you have in stock on your store to my cart, BUT why on earth your own store is not selling Vera Edge or Vera Plus controllers any longer is…confusing and concerning. (It only lists the Vera Secure at

Had to buy through a third-party…

Hey Dom,

I’m sorry to hear about this. What’s the email you’ve used for your ticket? I’ve looked after the one used on your forum account but couldn’t find any tickets. Send me a PM please, with your ticket number or email. Thanks

It’s been a long haul (2 years). Meanwhile the big momentum seems to be with Alexa and Google home wifi devices. Much of the population does not understand the need for low power secure mesh networks for remote battery powered devices. I am still on my Vera Lite, and waiting for things to gel here. Looks like new hubs are being tested, and I will see what they bring to us in terms of functionality. Kind of glad I did not buy the Edge or Plus hubs.

You can keep your WiFi IOT devices. I’ll be sticking with Z-Wave devices…

No matter what Amazon or Google do.

The masses wanna go that route because they don’t know or understand what they are doing.

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I feel the same, but it’s hard for a automation hub to gain market share when people don’t understand the difference.

Well, it depends. I was evaluating a solution to add automations to our new branch office (100 sqm).

I’ll probably just automate a door, 4-5 lights and a thermostat and wifi will be more than enough. The hassle to manage zwave in a simple scenario like this isn’t rewarding.

I agree with you that for us with complex systems (I’m approaching 100 nodes…) wifi doesn’t make sense, because you’ll need complex network gears and more network management than with zwave (ie vlans, complex firewall rules and so on).
All that said, I recently added about 10 new wifi devices because sometimes zwave doesn’t offer a similar device or its cost is too high for what I want to do. Imho we need more devices and at a more affordable cost, but if zwave doesn’t start to be as common as wifi, it’s difficult to be on par from a cost perspective. With new wifi specs promising less battery consumption and more throughput I’m unsure this will occur anytime soon.

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I thought Z-Wave going open source might bring the prices down if other companies also start manufacturing the Z-Wave chips.

I’m looking at 5 wifi switches for $50. I could hardly get one zwave switch for that cost, and honestly switches are powered by house power so don’t need to be zwave, but for door and window sensors, and a lot of other things we need low power.

You can get zooz zwave switches for $30 pretty regularly. I got two for $20 each yesterday in the cyber Monday sale.

But part of the value of zwave switches is they act as relays for those low power sensors. Pretty much all low power radios will need always-on, mains-powered relays to get through multiple walls. Listen to bluetooth headphones with your phone at the other end of the house to see how well that works out.

So every time you buy a wifi switch, think of the range extending wall-wart you did not have to buy.

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I agree. If you go zwave, stay zwave. As we all know, mesh is very important.

That’s true.

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