Is Ezlo Plus Ready for Prime Time?

hi @meathead88 , we are here watching closely :slight_smile: we need some time to assess and work on the issues figured out.

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Another display error that also occurs with the current version:


One Sensor shows a red background color instead of green even if it’s status is closed.

This occurs when the dashboard is displayed unchanged in the browser window for a long time and corrects itself as soon as you switch to another menu (e.g. MeshBots) and go back to the dashboard.

Display error of Plugs devices:


If the device name is only displayed as a single line, something appears to be cut off below the text (recognizable by the “g”).

ECS-1082, ECS-1083 tickets created for these bugs. Onbehalf of you. You will be notified when it is updated.

ECS-1081 created for this bug. Onbehalf of you. You will be notified when it is updated.

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Current blocking issue: the DSC plugin, which DID work when it was first released, now only registers activity on my motion sensors. See

Of course, there is also this: Disarmed with code? - #2 by slapfrost, also related to the DSC plugin and this: Correct usage of IP Device Generator plugin? - #2 by Catalina_Granados, related to the IP Device generator plugin, but I wouldn’t consider those “blocking” issues.

Ezlo is NOT ready for prime time, and If I bought it now, I would be thinking “False Advertising”. All these bells and whistles are fine and all, but I STILL - AFTER A YEAR OF WORKING WITH THEM - cannot get a stable system with even a fraction of the devices I have. Including/Excluding is STILL problemmattic. For the last couple weeks when I wake up every morning, my Ezlo is stuck in an endless reboot cycle. And when I get home from work the system is non functional. Sits there with it’s glowing teal light, but no matter what I press, nothing happens. AND NOW THEY WANT US TO FORK OVER ANOTHER $150 FOR THEIR LATEST AND GREATEST DEVICE!!!

Tech support responded with a non-directional answer 2 weeks ago and I have sent 5 responses updating them on what Ive done since we completely wiped my unit and started over. THEY HAVE NOT RESPONDED… except for the automated message reminding me that they;'re waiting for my reply or they’ll close the ticket!

They love to say that they’re here to help, but if you go back and forth more than a few times, they loose your number.

I purchased my Ezlo 3 years ago and have not had a stable system since. I realized there was some startup time, so I stuck with Vera until I finally moved back in May. Once I moved I started setting up my Ezlo and found all of the same problems I was having 3 years ago.

Here we are, 9 months later. I’ve wiped the device back to factory defaults, hoping the exercise the demons of prior buggy firmware. A total of 16 devices and a whopping 8 meshbots. Only 2 of the meshbots work (they worked fine for a day, then just stopped), and whether it takes 1 sec or 3 min or lights at all is anyones guess.

So, NO. ITS NOT READY. It’s not tech support’s fault - their upper management set them up to fail. They are presently advertising all sorts of things that the Ezlo platform CANNOT DO!!! If your product CANNOT CONNECT TO THE DEVICES IT IS SUPPOSED TO CONTROL, and is so unreliable that it needs to be rebooted twice a day, YOU DO NOT HAVE A FUNCTIONAL PRODUCT!!!

And now they want me to fork out more money after wasting 3 years on this - not going to happen!

I’ve hung on to hope and faith for 3 years now and have absolutely nothing to show for it. I’m sitting here with a HOUSEFULL of devices ($1,000’s and $1,000’s in product) and cannot do squat with them. A victim of hyped up advertising and promises never fulfilled… and a shattered faith in the Ezlo brand.

Hello @Dan-n-Randy ,

Apologies for all the inconveniences,

In this specific case, there is a chance the issues you are experiencing recently are due to defective hardware or device-specific problems. We will follow up with you through the support tickets we have currently open to provide the best possible solution.


Hello @ibrewster ,

We have created ticket ECS-1085 regarding the issues you’ve reported with DSC plugin.


Hmm, I cannot fully echo this report.

Currently I have 16 Z-Wave devices, 1 Wifi device, 4 Zigbee devices, 11 Hue bulbs through the Hue plugin and 1 MQTT client connected. On this mix of devices run 25 Meshbots.

Devices stay connected and adding devices is still pretty straightforward, even though I have 2 Z-Wave networks running in my house (the old Vera is still there with 17 devices connected).

The system runs for roughly 1~2 weeks before meshbots fail to run and a reboot is needed. I’ve had to deal with support several times after my hub got really stuck, and both times response was surprisingly quick and effective.

No, the system is not perfect. The Vera App is pain to use on iOS. My Vista doorbell with instavue is usually way to slow to show who’s ringing at the door. I don’t use voice control, and reading the feedback from others on VOI I’m happy to stay away from that for now. Plugins are still in their infancy phase, the marketplace is not yet populated by a flourishing community. Meshbots don’t fully support my use cases.

To me, it’s a hobby and I make sure that most things in my house have local control so my house doesn’t fail me if the domotica system goes down.

So, it’s getting there and I’ve seen gradual improvement over the years.

At the same time, I do sometimes wonder if the foundational architecture on which the ezlo ecosystem is built is resilient enough to support a domotica system (look at HMI components, the recent long term issue with the marketplace, the fact that reboots are needed, duplication of devices I’ve seen). The lack of community engagement on the forum is troubling, how many users are driving this system? Is this financially sound for a long term business model? The broad development direction (EzloPi, Softhub, EZVidoo), seemingly without anyone on this board using these products, is confusing and doesn’t show user-centric development.

On the other hands, the components for a really all-encompassing domotica solution are all there in some form. I’ve integrated one of my A/C’s into the Ezlo hub with an ESP8266 module and MQTT. The flexibility to tinker and expand is in there…


Great observation!
And yes, we still have some work to do, and everyone is on it. Progress is being made every week and will continue until our users are happy!

Hi @Dan-n-Randy ,

You are right and we apologize for all the problems you have experienced. For a long time the issues reported were most of the time one-off cases with specific device/hub/cloud problems and were fixed with manual intervention. But recent feedback was focused on some problematic areas that we definitely should improve. So for the upcoming months, we will increase our percentage on bugfixing and stability work on our end. And now trying to gather all the pain points and requests from you.
You and most of the people sharing feedback on this forum are really our power users and we would like to improve the platform under their supervision and guidance for sure.
So you can be sure there will be a huge amount of increase on our efforts to pay more attention to customer pain points and feature requests.
For your specific case, I have reviewed all of your 64 tickets to this date. and tried to consolidate some areas we can work on:


  • Controller unresponsive, need reboot (very often)
  • Controller/local-cloud connection problem (often)
  • Smart Start inclusion process errors with some devices
  • Orphaned devices remain (need force delete)
  • Zwave node ids remain , after devices deleted
  • Meshbot page validation errors even when nothing is changed.

Feature Requests

  • Ability to replace a device with other so that all meshbots will be changed as well
  • Ability show broken meshbots because of device removal. (and ability to fix those by replacing other devices)
  • Ability to see which meshbots use that device
  • More documentation on how to use capabilities of devices
  • Meshbot execution result is not properly communicated back (on errors, identifying real problem)
  • Copy version and controller info from the tech support page for tickets

Feel free to add anything you want on top of those.
And from the customer care system I believe you are setting up the system again. I would be tracking the steps and gather all feedback while doing that. Feel free to reach me anytime meanwhile as well.

So as i move more deivces over to Hubitat, its obvious that Ezlo is a better system if its base fucntions would work like Alexa integration and reliable scenes…

The hubitat scene creation seems to be quite rough and unrefined. It has not been fun to learn.
It is also not easy to edit existing.

So im caught between a system that can work instantly with Alexa and execute execute scenes reliably and a system that doesnt work with alexa, locks up frequently, and scenes that miss devices or dont run at all but has great scene management.

Ezlo, you guys need to regroup on core functionality. Why do we keep seeing updates to EzloLogic while Alexa integration does not work?!
I think that is what is most maddening to me, that you’re not focusing on fixing what is broke. Your devs are woking on new features for some reason!

Get EVERYONE one fixing Alexa and scene reliablity please!


EzloLogic is pointless if scenes cant be relied upon, right?

Hi @meathead88 ,

We are exactly doing it right now. Alexa integrations are done by cloud devs so that team is focused on those right now. UI team is meanwhile continuing their roadmap. But in any case of need on UI for Alexa and Google Home integrations, they will take those tasks as priority. Please be sure about that.
Also another team on controllers firmware is working right now on scene execution reliability. Its their highest priority. We will take our upfront development cycles to work mainly on stability issues for sure.


Ok, but I’ve had real, multiple, support tickets in for Alexa starting in July 2022 and i’ve seen no movement.

Hi, my EzloController suffers this so usually my HVAC continue to heat with no stop all the night long because connection is lost with the switch.

You should NOT use a HA device to control HVAC system. Instead have a local thermostat control the HVAC and then you can connect in to the thermostat via WiFi and the manufacturer’s app or a plugin if your gateway vendor makes one. Bad idea to control directly.

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With all due respect, maybe" all-encompassing" is not what EZLO should be shooting for at this point. I agree that should be the overall goal, but the basics must first be there.

I will be entirely fair about this, I have not tried to use my EZLO in production in probably six months, and at that point, lots of the basic functionality was sketchy. I poke in from time to time to see how it’s going, and I plan to upgrade to the latest firmware and try again. I personally don’t need Meshbots or any of that for my use case because I use another logic platform. All I need is a stable hub with broad, reliable device integration that can be easily administrated from a browser.

Dashboards, Meshbots, and so on could all be icing on the cake, but the cake has to be baked first.

(and yes, I am still irritated that the latest legacy Vera beta was dropped on it’s head with items still broken)

Hi @TKMike ,

Can you let us know what type of devices you want to control and what features do you want on the logic platform ? How can we make sure we support all functionality you expect ? Can you give more information ?