Introduction to VeraMate (for iPhone and iPad)

I’d like to introduce VeraMate - the newest iPhone and iPad app for the vera controller.

VeraMate is designed to automatically configure itself based on each configuration, and show an elegant UI that’s great to look at and use.

The app still has many ideas on future development, so the current version is by no means the end state. Both the overview display, and each individual device control, have a lot planned to make this the most useful and diverse app out there.

VeraMate comes in 2 flavours - a free one supported by ads and limited use for the iPad version, and a premium one with no limitations.

Feel free to try them out:

Full change log (from v5 and onwards) can be found here:


[ul][li]NO setup required. It will load the settings based on your existing Vera.[/li]
[li]Log in to multiple Veras[/li]
[li]“Smart buttons” - unique to VeraMate. Buttons that appear based on your usage.
For example, low battery warnings, active lights, and more.[/li]
[li]Create shortcuts (anchors) for your most commonly used buttons.[/li]
[li]Use your own icons for room images.[/li]
[li]Guest login.[/li]
[li]“Speak to Me”. Speak the commands you make. (IOS7 only).[/li]
[li]Support for virtually all devices.[/li]
[li]Automatic switching between fast/slow (WiFi/3G) networks - no manual control required.[/li]
[li]Hide items that you don’t wish to see to prevent clutter.[/li]
[li]And much more.[/li][/ul]

Voice control support is being looked at to be done in iOS8 for Siri integration - current voice command libraries are not up to scratch, so we have taken the stance to wait for support from Apple, which will be coming soon.

Edit: Updated to reflect latest changes

Well, I bought the app.

It let me start it once, after I put in my veraID and password it quit.

When I try to start it again it just minimize. (It is there when I double double tap the hardbutton)

When checking settings, there is a username of socrates and and ip address I don’t recoginse.

Cant change them either…

Any ideas?


The above error is on my Ipad2 with IOS6 something, jailbroken.

Tried it on a Iphone4 IOS7, it worked there.

Looks nice, great graphics. Will try it out abit.

Seems to be missing quite a few devices so far. Guess they’ll be implemented.


Hi TommyE

Sorry to hear it didn’t work on you iPad. There had been some issues logging on, which I thought had been fixed, but it looks like there might still be a bug there :confused: Could I ask you to make sure the app is shut down and restart? To do that:

  • Double tap the physical home button
  • The open apps should be displayed at bottom of the screen
  • Press and hold the VeraMate icon until it wobbles, then you can click the X on the icon to make sure it’s shut properly.

If you restart it again, let me know if it logs in? There have been some problems getting the connection code to change to the correct server it needs to connect to. I don’t think it would have anything to do with it being jailbroken…

An update which I’ll hope will go out in next 2 weeks should be able to support more devices as well. So yep, a lot more planned for it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response.

Nope, it does not help to quit completely.

Even tried a reinstall to no avail.


Could you ping me a quick email? I’d like to get some more details to see if I can find the problem, if you’re willing…
email is: info at


Mail sent.



When trying to send you an mail I get the following error.
Not sure if this is on your end, but I can send other mails ok.


: host[] said: 550 Rejected
by SpamCop. (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

Have just found out my mail server does use SpamCop (which I can’t control unfortunately - looks like your provider may be on it). Have sent you an alternative addie…


Bought the app yesterday, looks great.
No problem getting it to work.

Would like to see Camera and Plugin support.

Good to hear :slight_smile:

Generic support to view plugins (not to control just yet) will be coming in the next version, and camera support will be coming soon as well.

I’ve played around briefly with this app, so far it works fine. This looks like a nice alternative to iVera.

My first thoughts:

  • add an indicator to show connection status
  • option to request a refresh
  • change the icon for scene controllers. At the moment they look like scenes which is confusing.

Thanks for the ideas. The connection status is one thing I’ve been meaning to put in definitely.

And unfortunately I used the scene icon as default for some items, which was a mistake, agreed. I have an update waiting to go in after the one currently queued which will fix this, and have better support for more items.

Nice - keep ideas coming. I have a lot that I want to do, as this is basically the app that I would’ve wanted available, but want to hear what people would like or dislike from how they use it :slight_smile:

Hello is it possible to get support for the Ademco AD2USB adapter

I have only found 1 app that supports this

Hi Sliptronic - this is possible. Can you ping me a message at info at and I’ll be able to chat to you about the details.


Hello. I recently download and tried Veramate. Very nice user interface. Worked for a one day and now I cannot login. Any ideas? I would like to be the ad-free version but worried I cannot login in. Why would it work one day and not the next?

Hi Robbie

Could you let me know some more details what’s happening? Eg, have you logged out (or it logged you out) and now you can’t log in? So when you try to log in, what error does it say?

And just to cover everything, I’d assume you haven’t changed your password…?

I haven’t heard of this happening (i.e., logging in, and then not being able to later) before, so I don’t know why this would occur yet. If you could let me know some more details, I should be able to get to the bottom.

Any chance you will support dsc alarms. Shows up but can’t arm or disarm.

I’m currently working on some (beta) code which will hopefully allow the same control as the website for any device. Hopefully it’ll be ready before christmas (Apple is shutting the store down over some of the period, so if I miss the deadline it won’t be until after).

Great. Thanks!!