Intermatic Homesettings HA03 - Not Leviton Scene Compatible?

This may be a dumb question, but is the Homesettings HA03 lamp module not compatible with Leviton Scene control? I just installed a Leviton Scene Controller, and first went with Method 1, because I only need to control lights with this one, and don’t require the advanced scene control capabilities of Vera. I also wanted the snappier response. However, the HA03 isn’t responding.

So I had to switch to Method 2 (letting Scene Events in Vera result from scene buttons on the controller). While everything still works as it should, including the HA03, it is considerably slower to respond.

Just curious if I have to accept this, or go out and buy a Leviton lamp module to replace the HA03, and then switch back to Method 1. Or if I’m missing something and I can make the HA03 talk to the Leviton Scene Controller directly.

Any ideas?

Please specify the Leviton scene controller you are using. AFAIK, it should work. I used to use my Leviton 1-button zone-controller with non-Leviton lamp module (Sylvania) before. It works, although not as great as with Leviton-to-Leviton combination…

Leviton is unique in how it defines scenes and zones - for devices to work with scene controllers the device must be scene-capable.

My assumption was that the HA03 was scene capable - maybe I was incorrect. But even after completely resetting my network, the HA03 was not responding to native Leviton scene control, so I was forced to utilize Method #2 for my Scene Controller, allowing Vera to actually control the scenes, even though I’m only controlling lighting and don’t actually need the expanded scene control capabilities from Vera in this instance.