Integration w/ Lennox variable speed Lennox furnance

Morning all… so I’m planning/wanting to set-up/connect my thermostat to Vera. Now I know it will work with Nest and other thermostats but not Lennox iComfort Thermostat. The problem is my furnace is a variable speed and to fully take advantage of that feature / energy efficiency you need a thermostat the works with Lennox’s furnance that have variable speed. NEST does not, and I really want the BEST of both worlds - connecting my HVAC to my home automation but also not loosing the energy effeciency of the variable speed furnace that I paid for :slight_smile: THOUGHTS? Anyone else have same scenario?


What is the specific make and model number of your thermostat?


Lennox SL280UH090V48B-03

Bump… Any thoughts from anyone?

Bump, interested in doing the same thing.

I have wanted this for a while there are people doing it for smartthings.

No official API documentation but several people have documented how it works.

Just did a major upgrade of my HVAC system to a Lennox fully-communicating system (meaning everything is variable speed/stage controlled by their S30 thermostat). I also would be very interested to get Vera integration with that thermostat, although I realize from a market-share perspective, it may not be at the top of the list.

The S30 does a lot on its own, including geo-fencing via their app. However, the geo-fence minimum is 2 miles. Where I live, a lot of my day-to-day out-of-house activities are well within 2 miles of my home, so the system usually won’t switch to “away” mode. If Vera supported the Lennox S30, I’d be able to leverage Vera’s geo-fencing and get a tighter perimeter to solve this issue, not to mention integrate other thermostat settings into my Vera scenes.

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