Integration w/ Lennox variable speed Lennox furnance

Morning all… so I’m planning/wanting to set-up/connect my thermostat to Vera. Now I know it will work with Nest and other thermostats but not Lennox iComfort Thermostat. The problem is my furnace is a variable speed and to fully take advantage of that feature / energy efficiency you need a thermostat the works with Lennox’s furnance that have variable speed. NEST does not, and I really want the BEST of both worlds - connecting my HVAC to my home automation but also not loosing the energy effeciency of the variable speed furnace that I paid for :slight_smile: THOUGHTS? Anyone else have same scenario?


What is the specific make and model number of your thermostat?


Lennox SL280UH090V48B-03

Bump… Any thoughts from anyone?

Bump, interested in doing the same thing.

I have wanted this for a while there are people doing it for smartthings.

No official API documentation but several people have documented how it works.

Just did a major upgrade of my HVAC system to a Lennox fully-communicating system (meaning everything is variable speed/stage controlled by their S30 thermostat). I also would be very interested to get Vera integration with that thermostat, although I realize from a market-share perspective, it may not be at the top of the list.

The S30 does a lot on its own, including geo-fencing via their app. However, the geo-fence minimum is 2 miles. Where I live, a lot of my day-to-day out-of-house activities are well within 2 miles of my home, so the system usually won’t switch to “away” mode. If Vera supported the Lennox S30, I’d be able to leverage Vera’s geo-fencing and get a tighter perimeter to solve this issue, not to mention integrate other thermostat settings into my Vera scenes.

Hi, we can not find this device listed for sale either on amazon.

Can you please provide a link where we can buy it?

(Any device requested for integration should be commercially accessible).

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.

Thank you for your reply. We see that this device is currently unavailable but we look forward to providing a solution once it becomes available.

I’m bumping this topic. @DzhanAli , I somehow missed your reply last year. Not understanding what you meant by this device not being available. It is readily available. I have submitted the details through the device support request form.

@slackner Hi, We are interested in your integration request, thanks for your understanding.Have a nice day.

If this is a higher end furnace doesn’t the Lennox thermostat have a WiFi options and associated app?

Looks like the Lennox iComfort S30 meets your needs. Supports Ultimate Comfort System and Precise Comfort Plus features.

I would never consider controlling a furnace from Vera or Ezlo directly. You want a dedicated controller in case Vera/Ezlo go rogue… I don’t think you are suggesting this but I have seen other posts where people want Vera to be their thermostat… bad idea.

I have Honeywell WiFi thermostats in my home (5 of them) controlling two conventional forced air gas units, two baseboard zone heaters, and a gas utility furnace in my garage. None are variable speed though. I tried the Vera plug in to Honeywell but it just wasn’t worth the trouble. I use the Honeywell iPhone app for my HVAC stuff and don’t bother with Vera/Ezlo integration.

The S30 is a very advanced thermostat and, no, I have no intention of taking over control of my HVAC solely from Vera (or Ezlo). I could never replace the S30 anyway - my HVAC system is a “communicating” system, meaning all the components are interlinked. The exterior A/C condenser, for example, relays the external ambient temp & humidity to the S30 so it can fine-tune settings to maintain the internal set temperature. That also informs how to ramp the stages on the condenser.

However, it would be nice to be able to do basic setting changes in conjunction with my Vera scenes. For example, this is my second home, so when I leave to go to my primary home, I “lock down” this house including putting the thermostat in an “Away” schedule with wider temp bands. It would be nice if the same scene I use in Vera to shut off all my A/V power strips and other non-essential electrical items that don’t need to draw current when I’m not here, close all my shades, shut off any active ceiling fans, etc., could also switch my Lennox system into the “Away” schedule for me. Today, I have to fire the “Leaving” scene and separately switch my S30 into the Away schedule. That’s all I’m looking for. I do have the Lennox S30 included in my Alexa ecosystem, but it can do only the most basic things, like turn the system off completely, although that seems to fail 40% of the time. That integration will NOT let me select a schedule/mode on the thermostat.

I see the S30 is WiFi enabled so I suppose there is a way to have Ezlo (not Vera) manipulate the S30 via the WiFi device generator plug-in. This plug in is fairly new and “embryonic” but if you can get info on the HTTP commands to set and cancel Away mode in the S30 there is a pathway for Ezlo to initiate those commands.

Lennox might not be too generous with info on the HTTP commands though as it potentially could be seen as a security risk (last thing they need is hackers playing with millions of their thermostats) and/or exposure of their intellectual property.

I suspect getting the info is the hardest part of doing this.

I took a look at the S30 on YouTube and see that Away mode is set/reset via the lcd screen. I thought if it was a mechanical switch you might be able to manipulate it with a dry contact ZWave relay like a ZOOZ ZEN51 but no luck there.

Do you have an Alexa or Google home at this residence? Can it set/reset away mode via voice commands? If so maybe you can control via the home assistant acting as a gateway to the S30… (sending HHTP command to voice assistant ia the Ezlo plug-in). Kind of a roundabout way to get there…