Inclusion of Horus switches Zwave 700 (HSC-S511, HSC-S512, HSC-513) in ezlo plus gateway

Hi everyone

I have included a horus switch to my Ezlo plus gateway, it is a Z wave 700 three button switch but it shows me as a serial port. I added this switch to a Vera Edge gateway and it showed it as a switch.

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Hello @JoseC,
Please check these two articles:

Kind regards!

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Ok… Thanks Oscar, I check it

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Hi, We can not find this device listed for sale either on amazon.

Can you please provide a link where we can buy it?

(Any device requested for integration should be commercially accessible).

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.

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Hello, you can get the product in this link .We ask for the physical part of the panel different but internally it is a normal MCO Zwave700 switch Thermostat-Mcohome

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