I need some help here. I am not sure what I'm doing wrong here with this scene

@BillC we will take a look and get back to you with any updates as soon as possible, thanks for your cooperation.

hi @BillC , so only meshbot which turns the kitchen lights is this.

So here the logic is :

IF it is NOT between 2:45am and 10:45am
IF there is a motion triggered (AND keep the sensor as triggered for 1 HOUR)
THEN turn lights ON

so it means if the motion is tripped, system will continue to think it as tripped for this meshbot for 1 hour.

Which means,
If you are between these hours, TRIGGER part will never result in TRUE and lights will be turned OFF except sidebarlamp (FALSE section)
If you are NOT between these hours, TRIGGER will be evaluated when a motion event is triggered. If there happens a motion, then lights will be ON for 1 hour straight, if there is no motion again.

So can you tell the scenario you experience according to this criteria pls.
When they turn on ? Is it after 10 am? is there motion ?

Also in the other thread you said :

Is it because of this in the FALSE section ?

Yes. The sideboard lamp is supposed to stay on. Otherwise between 1000 and 0300, I want it to follow the motion and stay on for an hour if there’s Motion.

Office just if there is Motion and follow motion for an hour

ok so the problem is:

there is no motion, it is between 2:45am and 10:45 am and the lights (other than sidebar) turns on themselves everyday ?

Yes. I don’t know what time they turn on. I might have hashed up the bot.