I can now create a MeshBot Notification on an Object from a Camera from a specific Zone!

I am excited because this is an important milestone for https://www.ezvidoo.com/

I was able to create a Notification Meshbot (that alerts me both thru push messages to my Iphone as well as email) to do the following:

Detect an Object : a Person
in a Camera
and In a Zone within that camera…

So first you select the type of “detection” you want…I selected “Object”

then you select the category of object…I selected person

then you select a specific camera if you wish or leave it as “Any”…I selected a specific one “My Desk”

then you select a specific zone (that you created for that camera), I selected “office front door”

So now, when someone (a Person) comes to my home office in a specific zone, I get an alert :slight_smile:


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