HSM100 Sending All Sorts of Notifications

Has anyone ever had their HSM100 motion sensor just start tripping repeatedly for no apparent reason? It happened to me a couple times early Sunday morning, which led me to believe someone had broken into my weekend home. After a couple of phone calls to neighbors, it was confirmed that my home was secure. Then today, I received about eight (8) notifications starting at about 5am. I haven’t called my neighbors again because of the episode on Sunday, thinking my sensor may be flaking out.

Curious if this has happened to anyone else. From Findvera.com, my motion sensor appears to be operational/functional (i.e. it’s not stuck on ‘trip’ model or anything). So not sure what’s going on. Unfortunately, I have no other devices, like a camera or another motion sensor, to provide me with any balancing perspective, so I don’t know if the sensor is actually picking up something or is just being flakey.

I did have this sort of random occurance which only happened in the garage, after swapping sensors with one from inside it still tripped in the garage, I could only conclude I was picking up a mouse or something, I pushed the blue button and alligned the sensor so it didn’t quite reach the floor and havn’t had the problem since, another possibility is adjusting the sensitivity