How to receive notifications on Door lock pins for Ezlo Plus

Hi there. I am an old vera user but with the new Ezlo Plus I can not find how to send notifications on Door lock pins as I use to do it in vera controllers. For example, if I have code #1 as 1234 asigned to my daughter, I would like to receive a notification when she opens the door with her code.

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Hello @Emcord!

We’re currently checking on this and will give you an answer real soon.

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I too would love to have this feature again. And the ability to trigger different scenes based on who unlocks the door.

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We’d like to notify you that we were able to reproduce the issue you are experiencing where the MeshBot capabilities are not able to list an existent pin code as a value for the scene trigger. The issue was reported and is already being taken care of by our developers. Please keep an eye on new EZLogic releases for information about the fix available listed on the changelogs.

If you need additional help, let us know!