Honeywell Tuxedo Touch is Here!!

I have been beta testing the new Tuxedo Touch keypad with Z-wave. Its worked great stand alone. I have not tryed to get it to integrate into Vera, But anyone that would like to help me please message me.

The Tuxedo Touch is now available to purchace. It will be sold normally for around $500, but Im in contact with Honeywell and they are poss going to be having a introductory sale on these for Feburary for $400!!

Is anyone interested in getting one of these? Let me know who is and ill see how many I can get for the discounted rate of $400. Let me know quickly as their stock is limited.

It looks nice albeit a bit thick compared compared to tablets!

I think you should be a trail blazer and see if you can get it working with Vera as a secondary or primary controller! :slight_smile:

Looks like the $400 price is pretty common for the time being. The big question is, does it work?!?

Or… Should I just connect the Vista 20P with the Nutech AD2USB, mount an iTouch (or a used basic Gen1 iPad for that matter) on the wall, and then use some type of App to control the alarm?

If wonder if SQremote has a means of disarming with a numberpad (instead of just a disarm button). If it does, I may have just talked myself out of the Tuxedo by the end of this post!

SQ remote still doesn’t support this at the moment, but it is on their radar to!

iOS app wise, I does support arming and disarming with a PIN!,18.0.html

Is Tuxedo itself acting as the Z-Wave gateway/webserver or is there a separate box or module in the alarm system’s box? I am figuring that it can’t be run stand-alone like the 2Gig to control just Z-Wave and maybe alarm sensors later and has to be paired with an alarm controller to function as a Z-Wave gateway. Let me know if you know.

I am wondering what an entry level alarm system with a single Tuxedo sans installtion would run? It seems like a reasonably good value considering you get a touchscreen and a gateway, but I agree with @Strangely that the bezel is a little bubbly and I’d probably try to recess it at least the 1/2"-5/8" thckness of drywall it is mounted to.

After mounting my own tablet on the wall recently, I have to agree that with inexpensive tablet options it kinda makes more sense to use one of those to allow for more uses and future flexibility.

you can put the Tuxedo in demo mode -not connected to a pannel- and use it as a controller. Playing with one this week end, will let you know.

My Vera/Tuxedo test:
Tuxedo connected to Vera3. Switched Vera to secondary, tuxedo to primary. Vera shows up on Tuxedo, no devices (2xZ-Wave motors, one motor controller) transferred, devices now gone on Vera.
Did reset on Tuxedo, added one device, changed Tuxedo to secondary, Vera to primary, device transferred, controllable from Vera
Added shade controller on Vera,switched to secondary, device did not transfer to Tuxedo.
Now Tuxedo as primary, added another shade controller, shows as multi level switch/dimmer.
Now Vera locked into secondary, Tuxedo in primary.
Can anybody give me some input?

@ zwavemotors - any luck with the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch piece? I just came across this unit while surfing online (do not actually have one), and seems like a very powerful device (might even replace Vera if they get it right).

Were you able (or anyone else in the forum) to successfully pair this unit to Vera (as secondary or primary controller) and have both (Vera and Tuxedo) working properly? I like the idea of integrating my Vista20P alarm panel to the Z-wave network, but how does the Tuxedo interacts with the Vera unit is my main concern, do they event play nice on the same z-wave network, can they coexists? Vera has much more advanced capabilities for controlling z-wave devices (scenes, virtual switches, etc, etc), but this Tuxedo unit will bring my alarm panel into the mix (not sensors, only alarm panel status from what I have read) to create some other scenes based on that status, plus a web interface that looks pretty impressive.

I certainly hope that you can provide some insight into this unit, and how is it working (not working) for you.

I have a tuxedo touch and began messing with it this week. I am just using it as the primary controller to see how it compares to Vera. So far it seems good but I am wondering if this thing can be accessed via the internet or phone away from the site? Tech support at Honeywell won’t talk to me because our company is not a dealer, and I tried a few dealers and they don’t know much about this thing yet, very frustrating.

Thanks to zwavemotors for the tip on running in demo mode, otherwise I would be stuck since I don;t have a honeywell security system.

Interested in others thoughts on this device.

As long as you are able to do port forwarding on your router, you will be able to access the web interface of the unit remotely (via a PC or your favorite smartphone/tablet). Reading around, I also found that there is an option for authentication to access the web interface, you might want to enable that option if you are going to expose this device to the internet.

I ordered a unit, but I will not get it for the next couple of weeks as they are in back-order (a new unit with WIFI capabilities is going to hit the market soon).

I received my Honeywell Tuxedo this morning. First impressions, the unit is a little bigger than what I expected, but not that much bigger than the old monochrome touchscreen consoles from Honeywell.

I have not really put a lot of time into this unit, but I could not resist at least powering it ON and see if Vera 2 (UI4 @ 1.1.1362 with 3.20 hack) recognizes this Honeywell Tuxedo console. Surprisingly enough, Vera did recognize the unit (I added it as a secondary handheld controller). All devices were properly added and populated on the Honeywell piece, and I could control all my Leviton devices (switches, dimmers and plugins) as well as my Trane thermostat; but I could not control my Kwikset door lock, even though it was properly recognized by the tuxedo unit

The big drawback with the setup above (vera as primary and tuxedo as secondary), every time that I use the tuxedo to control a device (turn a light ON form example), the status on the Vera unit will not update correctly (even if I force Vera to pull every 10 seconds). I had to manually go into each device and ask Vera to poll for the status to get refreshed. This certainly does not seem correct, so back to doing more online searching to try to understand what could be wrong, unfortunately nothing that will help me.

Here is my question, I already have all my devices properly registered to my Vera2 unit (working as a primary controller at this time), should I change the Vera to be the secondary controller and try to enroll it to the Tuxedo unit configured as primary controller? The reason I am asking this question is that after searching online, I found a couple of postings n the forum that mentioned something about multiple Veras on the same home (bridging Vera units); and it is recommended to enroll all devices to the secondary controller and IMPORT the data to the primary controller in order for all units to work properly. I might be completely incorrect, but wouldn’t I use the same reasoning with the tuxedo piece?

I am no expert on multiple ZWave controllers, so I need to ask for the advise of the forum gurus and beta testers on what is the correct configuration that I should use for a setup where I want my Vera2 unit as well as the new Tuxedo unit to be able to properly control my devices and report the correct status regardless of who initiated the command.

What are the implications, if any, of making Vera2 a secondary controller? Can I easily revert back to primary controller without losing all my configuration? Of course, the first I will do before I start playing with my current Vera setup is to back up the entire configuration to my local computer so I can restore it should something go bad, but what other information should I backup just in case.

That’s typical for having multiple controllers, especially with devices that don’t support associations (and even then they may not inform all controllers of a status change). It would have to rely on polling, but it can take quite a bit for Vera to see the changes (i.e. not 10 seconds).

oTI@, can you expand a little more on your comment about:

“especially with devices that don’t support associations”

I am assuming that you are referring to the controller itself (Honeywell Tuxedo in my case). My light switches (all Leviton) do support associations, but how would I use them if you were referring to the devices in the field as opposed to the controllers.

My extend of how associations work only goes as far as Leviton Scene/Zone controllers, and associating each button to the physical device(s) that is controlling (light switches for example), so the controller knows that if a light was turned ON from a different location, it will report its correct status by turning on an LED light on the actual controller button.

I am a little confused on how to apply the same theory to VERA2 and the Honeywell piece (provided it supports associations), so any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

I had to take the Honeywell piece down until I get the right firmware on the VISTA 20P panel I have (Tuxedo is only supported on version 5.0 and higher), but I am eager to do some testing hoping that it will help some other members of this forum.

I meant the controlled devices, such as dimmers and switches. If one controller causes them to change state (on/off/dim), then the device would have to inform all other controllers of that change. For that, the device would need to support associations. As said, even then, this may not happen; but it will work for when the device’s state is changed locally.

AFAIK, with the Leviton’s it does work, if the originating controller is a Leviton. Example: a VRCZ1 (programmed with the VRCPG, not Vera) controlling a Leviton plug-in module. Turn on the module with the VRCZ1 and Vera will see the change (because the module is associated with both the VRCZ1 and Vera). Turn on a module with a GE remote and Vera does not see the change. For that reason, it’s best to use scenes with the GE remote, because then Vera will be informed about the button press.

I haven’t played with a second Vera as secondary controller (which I guess would be similar to your situation with the Tuxedo.)

We installed a Tuxedo Touch about a month ago. So far it seems to work fine but it is very limiting. Mainly the ability to set up, change or manage scenes, and to add and delete door lock codes through via our computer, iPhone or iPad. It also does not support water/freezing sensors and is limited to ONLY 10 scenes. We were originally told that Total Connect 2.0 APP would be updated to accept all of this in April but they have now pushed this back to the 3rd Quarter (Maybe September/October). Had we know this in the first place we may not have spent the money on this system. In any event, we are looking at the Mi Casa Verde Lite to as it seems to support so many more devices and the internet interface seems to be great.
Can someone please tell me if, first of all, the Verde Lite will work with the Tuxedo Touch (right now we just have our alarm system, 5 door sensors, 2 motion detectors, and 4 smoke alarms, set up over a STATIC IP), 2 Honeywell Thermostats, 3 Kwik Set door locks and 4 light switches on the system). If so how would we do this so that we can also use the Verde Lite APP and would we even need to still have a STATIC IP (which is costing us $12.00 extra a month)? Also, would we be better off with the Verde 3 or will the Verde Lite work for us. FYI- We are thinking of adding a camera or two in the future.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

the Verde Lite will work with the Tuxedo Touch

I do have a VERA2 and managed to register the Tuxedo Touch as a secondary controller. All my Zwave devices are registered to the VERA2 unit, but the Tuxedo, as a secondary controller, is able to see all the devices and control them; the problem, the device status does not seem to get replicated properly creating a nuance. I have not worked with a VERA3 or VERA LITE, but I am assuming it will work the same. One thing that will not be possible in terms of control is for VERA to control your alarm system (not with the Tuxedo unit) or take advantage of your alarm peripherals to create scenes. Hopefully there will be some integration in the near future, but I do not have very high hopes. In my particular case, this last limitation is not a big deal, I rather keep my alarm panel and my HA devices separate. I need the alarm to work at all times, and I can play with VERA as much as I want to adjust to new devices and other HA projects.

If so how would we do this so that we can also use the Verde Lite APP and would we even need to still have a STATIC IP (which is costing us $12.00 extra a month)?

There are a number of apps (free and paid) for both, iOS and Android platforms that will allow you to interact with Vera. Vera does not really require a STATIC IP address, and for accessing your Tuxedo unit you can get away with a dynamic IP and a DDNS relay service (,, etc, etc); the caveat, your router/firewall has to support the DDNS service you choose. Not a big deal, most SOHO routers will support such functionality out of the box.

The alarm system comment is not true. There are many alarm system plugins for Vera. If he has a compatible alarm system that works with Vera, he can integrate it and have full use of the alarm sensors.

  • Garrett

garrettwp, my comment was solely based on the Tuxedo Touch, not a generalization. If you read the comment closely:

One thing that will not be possible in terms of control is for VERA to control your alarm system (not with the Tuxedo unit) or take advantage of your alarm peripherals to create scenes

Many other options to control an alarm panel from XYZ manufacturer with VERA, I could also rig a key controller for an Ademco panel to make it work with a ZWave plugin module to arm and disarm the system, the point is that the Tuxedo unit with an Ademco Alarm Panel will not allow (at least for now) VERA to control the alarm (arm/disarm) or take advantage of the alarm peripherals for scene creation.

Sorry if anyone misunderstood, not trying to be misleading, just talking specifically about the Tuxedo unit and VERA2 and how do they play together (what is possible and what is not).

Hi Guys…

I Started out with a TUX, only to find it is still too new to do advanced automation. Alarm zones are not reported and you cannot a Zone to do anything. Just arm, disarm etc…
Switched to VERA3 and registered all my ZWAVE devices. Much better now… but would like to try adding the TUX to the Vera3
The screen is impressive enough… I know someone did this, also know it was not working fully… but trying with Vera3 and TUX with new firmware.

Even got a AD2USB to make up for the TUX

I… for the life of me don’t see how to do that.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Figured it out… Added as a secondary… Got T-Stat to work from itself, vera3, and Tux

Lights and door lock… 2 dimmers worked from Tux… Sometimes.

May play around more sometime. This would have made a killer combo if it worked.