Group (direct) associations

I have an Ezlo Plus, and would like to create a direct association between two switches, either via the app, web UI, or API tool. Surely by now this is available somewhere.

Hello @dougsbarbour,
Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Ezlo controllers yet. I’m sorry I can’t give you the best news. It will be included in future firmware versions. Instead, we kindly invite you to use a scene to link the behavior of your two switches. If you need assistance with the procedure, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Unfortunately, my Zooz ZEN34 remote switch does not seem to be well supported, as it will include but only works triggering the scenes about 10% of the time or less. Since there are no log files on this controller, I can’t tell where the issue is.

what is the another device you are trying to direct pair? can you tell me the model and brand. ? I can setup the same setup and give a try in ezlo integration lab office.

ZEN34 remote switch trying to control a ZEN71 wall switch.

So what the planning on this? Is it planned for any sprint? To me it is a critical function on a zwave device, making my setup much more robust. Actually it is one of the reasons I don’t move my production setup to the Ezlo hub.

Is there any progress on the testing of the ZEN34 remote switch controlling a ZEN71 wall switch via scenes? I can get it to work sometimes, but if I leave the setup along for 12 hours or so it will stop working and the ZEN34 LED will light continuously green when the top paddle is pressed.

I really need to be able to see the logs like I could on my old Vera controllers. I’m absolutely shooting in the dark over here!

I can’t help but think that if the firmware supported direct associations, I would not be having this issue. Please, let me at least setup direct associations via the API tool!

On the Ezlo hub you can find the log files in the /tmp/log/firmware directory.

I use WinSCP application on my Windows laptop to access the file structure of the Ezlo hub. You will need the root password.