Association between switches

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I have a question, has someone been able to establish an association of a button on one z-wave switch to another button on another z-wave switch, like they do with the Vera gateway. I would like to make this association with the Ezlo Plus or Ezlo secure gateway. If there is an answer to this, please share the link with me.

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It’s not currently supported on the new Ezlo hubs, recent topic here.

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I think this is topic “association” is underestimated by the development team similar to the mistake of developing the WEB UI only after many comments of users (although the request for having this excisted from the beginning).

I myself can’t migrate from Vera plus to Ezlo without having associations in place and I have seen quite some questions on this topic in the past for the Vera hub. So the topic seems to be important.

I like to understand when this will be added to the functionality of the Ezlo hub, 6 months, a year or even longer?

@Oleh , can you comment on this by giving a timeframe when this will be available?

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Thanks for answering guys. If I have seen several discussions in the forum about associations, it would be very important that they allow this functionality.