Grasshopper Universal Phone App Released

You should see the app in the store shortly. Enjoy.

Thanks Spencer for all your hard work :wink:

Sorry for not giving you any feedback lately, everything I have tried so far seems to be working just fine.

Maybe you forgot about this or have not had an opportunity to look in to it but the only think I’m a bit annoyed about is the lack of support for Scandinavian letters.
I mentioned this already on beta 3 and assumed you had it on the to do list. your previous app worked fine with Scandinavian letters.

Thanks again for giving us remote control for Vera on Windows!

Thanks for the reminder. It was on my list of notes but was overlooked for the first release. Just so i understand better, it doesn’t display those characters or it displays them incorrectly? I suspect i have something selected wrong for language support since i noticed my original app as English (International) and when i submitted it said just English. I’ll need to look into it.

i updated the default language to match the original app which was to use “en” instead of “en-US”. Let me know if the update i just pushed resolves the issue. Thanks.

Great work!

I installed the latest update but the names of the devices still have weird characters instead of the Scandinavian letters.
I then decided to remove my Vera from the app and re-add it but then I kept getting a message that the app could not communicate with Vera.
Then I though that I would start from scratch so I uninstalled the app an when I was gonna re-install it I had to buy it again.

Anyway now I have my Vera configured again with the latest version and I still have weird characters instead of the Scandinavian once.
You still have access to my system Spencer so you could check for your self. Let me know if you need anything.

Awesome! Thank you.

korttoma, can you forward me the login info again, it will save me some time. As for buying it again, i’m actually confused why that did that. The app it part of the same store item. It is just the 8.1 version. Main difference is now its hooked as a universal app and linked it to my other grasshopper app on the desktop… the whole point was that people don’t need to pay again and have access to both apps. Frickin’ microsoft.

Other than the character issues is the app working properly? There will always be some kinks with a new app but want to make sure i get the obvious stuff fixed as soon as possible.

Oh one thing you should try if you run into issues is go to About. There is a Reset All button. That will reset the data in the app as if its the first time. That should alleviate the need to ever need to re-install.

Since there seems to be an issue regarding viewing devices that is difficult to repo i’m going to temporarily unpublish the app till i can get a handle on what is causing it.


I now have grasshopper ver and grasshopper universal ver on my phone. Are they the same app? any differences between the two? They appear identical.

Oh and … no cursing Microsoft :slight_smile: Let me know if I can help escalate something if you have any issues that can’t be resolved.

Actually i was trying to unpublish the new app temporarily but that seems to remove the app from the store completely. I then tried to port up my 8.0 app to 8.1 as a stop gap so people that were having issues could revert to the old one but the UI doesn’t allow you to delete the APPX version even though i added an 8.1 version XAP. Its interesting it does produce a warning saying you the XAP version will override the APPX version since i incremented the version… but i can’t submit it. Definitely would be helpful if you could look into escalating. Let me know if you need other info about the account. Send me an email if you need other info. Thanks.

And yes those versions are basically the same. the .3 version probably has a few more fixes but essentially the same.

I posted something on microsofts forum about it but haven’t heard anything.

I’m on it… expect to hear something today.

Great. I did some updates over the weekend and had posted a beta on sunday. First reports from testers who were having those issues are positive so i’m pushing those changes up now. What is interesting is i was never able to directly repo any of them other than looking at the logs. We will see what happens.

Sorry I went offline for the weekend. Don’t worry about me having to pay for the app again, it is well worth it. I was just a bit surprised.

btw, I like your solution for the dimmers but I found that the values in the expanded view does not refresh witch is a bit disturbing.

Auto refresh does not seem to work even if it is set to 2000 milliseconds ( or is this only for local connection? That would make sense. )

After first setup I had some weird refresh problem when Hiding unnecessary devices. I got multiple devices with the same name. This behavior could no longer be reproduced after I restarted the app.

The major problem with the Scandinavian letters handling is that if I change something else like icon for a device with these weird characters these weird characters will also be saved to the name of the device in Vera.

  • When you say “doesn’t refresh” what do you mean? are you talking about the status area? There is a little bit of a disconnect between the device view and the status area. I can push updates to the status area but not the other way while the device is open. Its just a limitation that will most likely
  • The auto refresh is just a delay added to the service call. When you do a status update there is a parameter you can add to delay the return so it waits for the first change found or that timeout.
  • Actually i saw the dupe thing the other day but was having a hard time repoing. As soon as i refreshed it cleared. It appears to be something related to only the hiding functionality so i’ll need to look into it.
  • I’m still looking into the weird character thing, but now since the big issues seem to have been mostly fixed i’ll be able to have a look at that. I’m starting to wonder if there is more too it since this app is not silverlight based so i’ll need to do a little research. I think you created an account for me, so make sure to leave that open… I’ll be looking at it this week.

Thanks for reporting those issues.

By auto refresh I thought that if I change the status directly from Vera for a device this auto refresh would synchronize the status in the app with the new status from Vera without pushing the refresh button. I just feel like I have to hit the refresh button all the time ti get the correct status when operating devices.

By doesn’t refresh in expanded view I meant that if the value for say a dimmer has changed and I hit the refresh button and while it is refreshing (before it is done) I open the dimmer device the new values will not get available in the device view but only in the status area. If I close the device view and reopen it does contain the new values.

I’m glad you managed to track down the issue with the Scandinavian letters and are looking forward to your next update.

So the behavior is that when you interact with the device it will update the status area right after execution, if the service call didn’t fail. It will only update the variables it can, based on the actions metadata definition. So in the case of a dimmer you have two controls on/off and 0-100. These are actually completely different services with different variables that may or may not exist on every device. Depending on which of those controls you use it will update the appropriate status data without doing an explicit refresh. I did this so the user gets immediate feedback if the service call didn’t fail. It gives the illusion of speed, but typically this only affects one variable. Everything on vera is done async so i have no idea when the updated values will be there… or for that matter how many variables will be changed. Sometimes it take 1 sec other times 10 secs. But the limitation is the other controls are not tied to each other so they don’t update. So the switch doesn’t change just because the dimmer does. It’s a limitation i’m aware of that i’m evaluating how to enhance. The reason it worked differently in the old app was that it was all hardcoded. I need to figure out a way to correct this using only meta data, which drives how it builds those UIs… thats how i’m able to easily support lots of plugins without harcoding anything. The easy fix is i make the entire device view refresh each time you do something… however i think that would be weird for the user seeing it open and close like that. That’s why you see the device close when you do a refresh. The list and the device item info are not really connected so closing it guarantees you don’t see stale data. You will also notice if you have the device open and you use a quick action it doesn’t auto update the device area underneath, again same limitation. The short answer is its on my list of things to figure out, but i figured for now it was an acceptable limitation.

I can confirm that my Scandinavian letters are now shown correctly, thanks for your effort.

Thanks also for explaining the limitations about the refreshing of statuses. I guess I just expected the new app to behave similar to the old one.

My phone has crashed twice already when using the app. I had to remove the battery to restart it.

First it crashed when I tried to change view and second time I was editing the icon for a device. Have not found any steps to reproduce it.

I’m using a Nokia Lumia 820 with OS version: 8.10.14234.375

Hmm… that must be something else i haven’t hit before. I’ve been considering moving all the in-memory logging to the database, then it would be available to send when you restart the app.