Grasshopper Universal Phone App Released

hey there… trying out actions again… couple of major things :slight_smile:

  1. when i try to invoke voice with “grasshopper run xxx”… Cortana still does a web search. I’ve confirmed in the voice commands menu that the command is there.

when i also try to add an action to an NFC tag under ‘assign’, the only two options i get under “type” is tile and location. NFC not available.

I think in cortana settings somewhere you can see apps that have registered commands. Do you see anything for Grasshopper? I can only suspect there is some loophole that i’m not able to currently repo that causes them not be be registered. Are you getting any errors when you start the app, since that is where that registering happens? As for the NFC, that option is hidden if it does not detect NFC. If i disable it in the phone settings it disappears in the app and vice-versa. If your NFC is ON and its still not showing then let me know so i can look further into microsofts api’s.

Deep… turn NFC on… :slight_smile:

As for Cortana, I found the directions to check, but I don’t seem to have this option. Doesn’t work with other apps either, so its not your issue. :disappointed:

:wink: Well at least its one less bug to fix.